Something is Fishy about Courtney Stodden


Courtney StoddenThis is Courtney Stodden. She recently made headlines by marrying actor Doug Hutchinson who is 35 years older than Courtney (and 4 years younger than Courtney’s father). Such an age difference wouldn’t be that shocking, but Courtney is claiming that she is only 16-years-old!

According to Courtney, she is a 16-year-old “recording artist, model, aspiring actor, dancer and tv show hostess”. Courtney’s parents call her “a good christian” who was “a virgin when she married Doug” and that she has “real breasts, real lips,” and that “she’s not plastic”. Courtney also claims to be “Miss Ocean Shores”, yet there has never been a Miss Ocean Shores pageant. If that all doesn’t sound fishy enough, two years ago, The North Coast News published an article titled “Meet Miss Ocean Shores”:

She’s Courtney Stodden, a 15-year-old local who, says her mom, was signed by a Seattle model agency; there was no local pageant but, on the advice of the agency, she’s calling herself “Miss Ocean Shores” and competing in the Miss Washington Teen USA pageant…

So two years ago Courtney Stodden was a flat-chested 15 year old (making things up in an attempt to be famous), and now she is claiming to be a naturally busty 16 year old (making things up in an attempt to be famous)? Something isn’t really matching up here…

The bottom line: It appears that Courtney is actually (at least) 17 years old, has had a boatload of plastic surgery and is desperately trying to make herself famous by marrying a famous actor and lying about her age to create a buzz.

Courtney before and after plastic surgery:
Courtney Stodden

More pictures of Courtney Stodden:

And if you still can’t believe that Courtney Stodden is a teenager (she looks 36!), check out her “music video”. It’s cringe-inducing, but if you can see passed the drag queen makeup and breast implants, she looks like a 13 year old pretending to be in a low-budget rap video:

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  • avatar Olivia Rose says:

    This girl is just all sorts of wrong. I actually find her quite sad and pathetic. Cringe inducing is a nice way of referring to the video. Wow. The poor dog with purple fur who had to endure this!

  • avatar Rosalind says:

    Wow! That’s pretty sad. She actually looks like she could have been pretty. Why the hell do people do this to themselves?

    You know I used to hate my large bust thinking that it made me look fatter than I really was. But now that I see that so many people are changing themselves(when they ALREADY look good) to have bigger boobs I feel SOMEWHAT better. 🙂

  • avatar From Tokyo says:

    This is sad. 🙁

  • avatar Angie says:

    Wow, a Ke$ha wannabe except Ke$ha is 100 times prettier than she is.

  • avatar thatguy says:

    Yes, it’s very creepy.

    I don’t know who wrote the article and I realize that this isn’t the New York Times. However, grammar is still important. It is hard to take your writing seriously when you don’t know the difference between the words “then” and “than”. I gave you the benefit of the doubt the first time you made the mistake.

    “This is Courtney Stodden. She recently made headlines by marrying actor Doug Hutchinson who is 35 years older then Courtney……”

    I thought to myself; “Everyone makes mistakes. He / She must have made a typo…. No big deal”.

    Then you did it again in the SAME F**KING sentence.

    “…(and 4 years younger then Courtney’s father).”

    At this point I realized it wasn’t a mistake. You really don’t know the difference.

    Allow me to enlighten you. Please find the definitions and correct usage below.

    Then – –adverb
    1. at that time: Prices were lower then.
    2. immediately or soon afterward: The rain stopped and then started again.
    3. next in order of time: We ate, then we started home.

    Than – –conjunction
    1. (used, as after comparative adjectives and adverbs, to introduce the second member of an unequal comparison): She’s taller than I am.

  • avatar gwenifaery says:

    This girl is disgusting, she can’t sing or rap or whatever it is that she’s trying to do in this horrid video and she looks so much older than she is, she will probably look 98 in about 6 years.. ugh

    That guy- I have to agree with you on the subject of grammer. It’s not an email or a text – it’s an article and should be edited properly. People’s grammer and spelling skills are falling by the wayside these days and it’s pretty sad.

  • avatar Darlene says:

    Before: feminine, youthful, innocence
    After: Used up MILF having a mid-life crisis.

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