Octomom Spends Mortgage Money on Plastic Surgery


Nadya “Octomom” Suleman has been back in the news lately because she can not make her mortgage payments and her house has been foreclosed on. In a desperate attempt to make money, Nadya has taken fetish photos (that involve whipping a grown man dressed as a baby), posed in a bikini and tried to organize some sort of sad f-list celebrity bikini car wash with Tila Tequila. But are these attempts to make money really for her kids or mortgage? Since giving birth to her octuplets, Nadya has had a tummy tuck, breast implants and she recently showed up to the Big Bang Female Celebrity Wrestling press conference in Philadelphia with an extra helping of filler injected into her lips and cheeks.

octomom lip implants

So how can Nadya spend all of her money on plastic surgery for herself when she can’t even keep a roof over the head of her 14 children? Well, it could be because she hates her children. No, really. Nadya Suleman recently admitted to hating all of her children and wishing that none of them were ever born, in an interview with InTouch magazine:

I hate the babies, they disgust me,” says Nadya Suleman. “My older six are animals, getting more and more out of control, because I have no time to properly discipline them. The only way I can cope is to lock myself in the bathroom and cry. Sometimes I sit there for hours and…some days I have thought about killing myself. I cannot cope. Obviously I love them, but I absolutely wish I had not had them,” she said

More pictures of Octomom below. Desperate to provide for her family or desperate for fame?

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  • avatar cate says:

    This woman was on government assistance when she had artificial insemination resulting in the birth of 8 more children she recieves government assistance for then has cosmetic surgery. WTF. She can’t pay her rent but gets assistance ???? When is California going to cut off the foodstamps, welfare, ect ???? How can you qualify for assistance and afford cosmetic surgery let alone artificial insemination? I know they ask how much income including gifts that you recieve whether monetary or not and it is considered income. She calls her children animals, she says she wishes she did not have them , that she contiplates suicide and yet the state has not removed the children for their own benefit? I have seen a few of her interviews and she is off the wall nuts.When will the state do the right thing? As a taxpayor I am angry she is being allowed to abuse the system. I have seen many families lose their homes in Hawaii from the closing of Aloha Air that has to live on the beach with their children and don’t qualify for assistance. They are the ones we need to help. If you have yourself inseminated to have 14 children you should either pay for their care yourself or have the children taken away and given to families that can support them.

  • avatar Debra says:

    I don’t understand anything this woman has done. I have a daughter that is married to a wonderful man and they have been unable to have a baby…they have looked into IVF and cannot afford it…so how is this woman, that is not married, not working, already has 6 IVF babies get a doctor to IVF her again??? And then she gets her 15 minutes (or more) of fame and has the nerve to say she hates her babies, has so much plastic surgery and loses her home (and her mothers home)!! I think her children should be taken away and given to people will love them and take care of them before they get so out of control they will become like their mother.

  • avatar Fanny says:

    It is now possible for a woman to have IVF babies. Nadia is doing her best to support her kids. She has admitted to her mistakes, and everyone here with good Christian morals, should forgive her, and allow her to get on with her life, and support her children.

    • avatar gCS 15 says:

      I agree to a point.

      She has continuously been given help by people. Cash, advice, etc. recently she was helped by Oprah and Suzie Orman. Orman also showed her how she has blown through money. She had made more then enough to support the 14 children for life, but blew it on herself. After Suzie showed her this she stopped talking and said it was unfair and she didn’t “understand” how she needs these things.

      Just to be clear, there is no NEED for manicures and pedicures. No NEED for numerous nannies, chefs, etc. I get needing help but not so you can go out to nice restaurants and the spa. Also having 14 children bc babies are “cute”? I have one child who I struggle to make sure she has everything and never do I leave her with nannies, never been to a spa, etc. also I wouldn’t have 13 more kids cause babies are cute. Babies are only babies for a few months, then what? Then, to her, they are annoying and interfer with her way of life.

  • avatar Jack says:

    @Fanny, that sounds all well and good except shes not supporting her kids at all, she has admitted to hating them and locks herself in the bathroom crying for hours when she cant take it. Great parenting

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