Teen Mom Farrah Gets Boob Job for MTV Show


While filming a promo for the next season of MTV’s “Teen Mom”, Farrah Abraham admits to having a breast augmentation and invites fans to watch all of the sacrifices she had to make in order to make her boobs larger (how courageous of her!):

Why did Farrah get a boob job? The Teen Mom star says, “Just because I feel like I lost boobage from having a baby!”. Sounds like a pretty lame excuse if you ask me. Farrah didn’t have any “boobage” before she got pregnant, so I’m not exactly sure how she could have lost it.

Farrah before and after breast augmentation surgery.

Maci Bookout is also in the video, but stays mum about her obvious newly enhanced chest. I wonder if MTV is paying these young mom’s to have plastic surgery? It sure does seem like every Teen Mom is getting, or planning to get, plastic surgery, right?!

Maci before and after breast augmentation surgery.

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  • avatar lily says:

    Farrah wanted to get breast implants to ‘feel more like a woman.’ This is what society has done to women. Farrah is an adult by law, has a body that has created another human being, works,pays taxes, can bleed every month for 7 days without dying, has a vagina, but still doesn’t feel like a woman because of her small breasts, even though they fed her child. Pathetic.

    • avatar cat says:

      amen! there is still hope for mankind! i cannot agree with you more lily! as a 19 year old girl, it saddens me when all that is shown in the media that is considered beautiful or attractive is fake, manufactured, and superficial.

  • avatar kim says:

    Being a young 23 year old mother who is small chested and same with my older sister AGREES with Farrah. Pregnancy did take away what little boobage we did have and yes we did breastfeed, pretty sure Farrah tried. The engorgement was painful and did leave the breast very sore and since they were small to begin with it stretched the skin and made them “squisher”. Basically what I’m trying to say is after pregnancy you do have less boobage so being a 16 yr old and already going through pregnancy can and im sure does make you a little insecure about your after pregnancy body so WHO CARES if boobs is what makes you feel better about yourself! FARRAH LOOKS GREAT!!!!

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