Hollywood Plastic Surgeon Uses Prince William For Publicity Stunt


prince william kate middleton 2011Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Toby Mayer, has been giving statements to several news sources, claiming that Buckingham Palace has selected him to be on call for the Prince.

The statement release by Dr. Meyer:

As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are embarking on a new life, keeping Prince William healthy and looking Hollywood, camera-ready, is of the utmost importance. I am honored to be selected by Buckingham Palace to be the Beverly Hills surgeon given such an esteemed privilege to keeping his royal highness looking good.

In reality, Dr. Mayer, nor any other plastic surgeon, was selected to be the personal plastic surgeon to the Prince William and Princess Kate. Dr. Mayer simply plans to attend the polo match that Prince William is playing in California and according to Lauren Kay, spokeswoman for the Foundation Polo Challenge:

I don’t know if he’s bought a ticket, but I can assure you that [Toby Mayer] won’t be there to treat the duke or any player.”

The organizers of the charity polo match that Prince William is to play in, quickly shot down the doctors claim and issued the following statement:

Toby Mayer is not associated with the event. That is an absolute fact. Dr. Mayer is a member of the Santa Barbara Polo Club, but this is a private charity event. It is not a polo club event. But he can sure buy a ticket if he’d like,” said Geannie Sheller, president of the Polo Training Center.


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