Rumer Willis Bought New Boobies


Rumer Willis is continuing to check things off of her plastic surgery “to do” list! Rumer was spotted leaving Fred Segal yesterday with new, much larger breasts hanging out of her shirt.

Rumer Willis before and after getting breast implants:
rumer willis breast implants

The new boobs are not exactly surprising, as Rumer has had lots of plastic surgery in the last couple of years. On the plus side, her new breast implants are very well done (I bet she uses the same plastic surgeon as her mom, Demi Moore) and don’t look super fake, even though she went up at least two cups sizes. On the downside, I think it’s a bit disturbing when someone gets as much plastic surgery as Rumer has had, especially at such a young age.

More pictures of Rumer Willis before and after getting a boob job:

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  • avatar Raze says:

    At least they look real. She still however, has a man-jaw.

  • avatar m says:

    I thought her boobs looked fine before.

    And yes, previous commenter, she has a masculine jawline. What would you propose she do, have it broken? Incredibly painful procedure. No one is perfect, and she seems like a nice girl.

    • avatar Raze says:

      I never said she should do anything to her jaw at all. I, like you, (though put in different terms) simply stated that she has a masculine jawline. I noticed, and you noticed. I never said she was ugly or needed surgery. If you’re gonna get defensive at least wait for an offense to defend against. Whether she’s nice or not, I can’t say, and I haven’t. This is not

  • avatar From Tokyo says:

    IF she got something done with her jaw, I would suggest she goes to whoever did Joanie Laurer’s. I don’t say that in a mean way; I mean it seriously. But she’s fine either way! 🙂

  • avatar zoe says:

    short hair makes her look better actually, if she was to get her face done she should’ve done stuff before she was known to the public. she should’v gotten her jaw shaved and some eye work to make them a bit bigger and open. she would look very different but in a good way.

    • avatar Bulltroll says:

      Or she could keep her face the way it is you freak, who are you to tell her to cut her face up? how bout you go get your face shaved and eyes opened up? you remind me of the freak plastic surgons on “Escape from LA” nothings good enough for you huh? people today shhhhish.

  • avatar Will says:

    If i were her id just go ahead and get giant fake porntitties. Anything to draw attention away from that freakishly inhuman face.

  • avatar marti says:

    well let’s see some of your faces ( haters commenting on her looks)these girls are somebody’s daughters’ and these are hurtful comments on here, but I suppose you all are perfect aren’t you?

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