Megan Fox “Proves” She Doesn’t Use Botox. Fails.


Megan Fox decided to post a series of pictures of her face on Facebook, in a poor attempt to “prove” that she does not have Botox in her face.

Megan thinks that this is a face that you couldn’t make if you have Botox (hahahaha!):

megan fox botox facebook pictures

Seriously?! Last time I checked, you are still able to open your mouth after you’ve had Botox injected into your forehead and sides of the face.

More pictures Megan Fox posted to “prove” that she doesn’t have Botox in her face:

In addition to Megan failing to convince anyone with eyes that she has not had Botox injections, Megan’s lips look like they just got a new batch of filler injected. Sadly, they are already looking lumpy and deformed from over-use of filler…and Megan is only 25! Remember what Megan used to look like before all of the plastic surgery?

megan fox before after botox

More pictures of Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery.

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  • avatar Crawl says:

    She may claim that she hasn’t had botox, but you can totally tell she’s had lip injections/fillers and whatnot. It appears she’s crying out for attention since her fifteen minutes of fame is starting to run out..

  • avatar Andy says:

    Now she have cat s eyes !!!! Horrible

  • avatar From Tokyo says:

    I’ll never understand why people trade natural beauty for waxen, doll-like looks. Humans are not MEANT to look that way or we would in the first place. It’s their choice, of course, yet it leaves me scratching my head. smh

  • avatar Raze says:

    She’s a pretty girl, and I’ve seen worse. She could wash her face with donkey balls, and I’m sure no men would complain. I bet in fact, that they were drooling over these very photos.

  • avatar m says:

    Am I the only one that things she looks like an alien now? She used to be so beautiful…now I’m distracted by how strange/abnormal she looks.

  • avatar a regular says:

    she doesn’t have botox in the middle of a forehead, but she does everywhere else. the reason why the wrinkles she makes in the third pic are drooping on both sides. The muscles on the side of her forehead don’t move. Because of that the wrinkles don’t follow the eyebrows’ shape, as it would naturally, and she looks crazed. I think her best bet right now is a reality tv show with boyfriend brian. At least he acts better than she does (which isn’t hard). Or a sex tape?

  • avatar Midnight says:

    What next? Fake hair? I’m kinda convinced she wears a weave, but that’s just a thought

    • avatar Cat says:

      Yes, she wears a lace wig – her old photos show that her hair is not that full – I don’t think she has it all the time – not in these pics for example.

      If I pull those faces, my wrinkles don’t look like that, those on Megan are very unnatural – as the previous post says – shopped!

  • avatar Angela says:

    Man you all sound like catty bitches. She’s most likely prettier than all of you put together. Don’t be haters!!! Get over it. I don’t care if she’s had Botox or not, she’s still very attractive. So sad when people have to tear down other people to make themselves feel better.

    • avatar Rae says:

      I agree entirely about this. I also think that, although I’ll agree with somethings people say, like lip fillers, a lot of people also don’t realize that she has aged and try to use pictures of her when she was a teenager and such. I mean, it still looks like she’s had things done, but in general people just go too far with this shit.

  • avatar Lily says:

    I don’t understand why pretty girls get surgery on their face? Jessica Simpson and Megan. Why? You’re pretty! Wtf?

  • avatar LadyFemme says:

    She is so pale naturally, like me! There is hope for us pale bitches..I can fake tan and look glowy like she does, usually! She is beautiful BUT….her attempt unfortunately still does not prove the lip stuff

  • avatar CS says:

    Definitely has botox. Everyone in Hollywood does, it’s retarded to act like she doesn’t. Why the shame? Why hide something that obviously makes you look better? I don’t go around claiming I didn’t dye my hair when it’s obvious that I did and it looks fabulous. Retarded. She thinks she is beautiful. She is beautiful, but she’s entirely entirely conceited. Anyone who makes that mock-shocked face that she has in the first pic is 23988203498204928039% conceited. Nobody else but conceited girls do that pose.

  • avatar Dora Glasberg says:

    Megan had some lumps removed from her already small nose
    and had 2 overly small side teeth capped.
    That’s it folks, get a life.

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