Did Rosie Huntington Whitely Get Plastic Surgery for ‘Transformers’ Role?


rosie huntington whitely lips plumpedRosie Huntington Whitely is a model turned actress, who was chosen to replace Megan Fox in the final Transformer’s movie. Megan was fired from the movie after several well-publicized spats with the director and Rosie was chosen to take on the role by Michael Bay himself.

Rosie is obviously a beautiful woman, but did she have plastic surgery in order to fill the sex-pot image that Megan Fox left behind? Not only has Rosie had some obvious cosmetic procedures done since landing the role, but it appears that she’s had the *exact* same surgeries that Megan did when she was filming ‘Transformers’!

Megan Fox had rhinoplasty surgery and lip filler injections while she was in between filming ‘Transformers’ and ‘Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen’. Rosie Huntington Whitely lands the role in ‘Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon’, and immediately has rhinoplasty surgery and lip filler injections. That just seems a bit twisted to me! So are Rosie and Megan simply victims of vanity or is Michael Bay some sadistic director that requires his leading ladies to have plastic surgery?

Rosie before and after plastic surgery:
rosie huntington whitely plastic surgery picture

Rosie Huntington Whitely is certainly stunning either way you slice it, but I prefer her before she had plastic surgery. I think when a woman has obviously surgically altered her face (like Rosie’s too-plump lips) it is distracting from their real beauty and looks desperate/cheap.

More pictures of Rosie Huntington Whitely before and after plastic surgery:

And you can catch a glimpse of Rosie standing around looking pretty in the Transformers trailer:



  • avatar m says:

    I think her nose looks better, but her lips look ridiculous in the ‘after’ pic where her mouth is hanging open…reminds me of a blow-up doll.

  • avatar Scout says:

    I had a feeling those weren’t her natural lips. Oh well, they look better on her than Megan Fox..

  • avatar sammie says:

    I watched the movie and her lips were so fake looking it was distracting.

  • avatar eflk3rnf says:

    hello??? famous plastic – some new pics of paris hilton have emerged in a pink dress – evryone is focussed on her enlarged tummy but her face is COMPLETELY different. I think she finally got the tip of her nose done and a lot of botox!!!

  • avatar Mel says:

    Oh dear, her top lip is starting to look like a vagina 🙁

  • avatar Fan rosie says:

    que cirugĂ­a Rosie no a tenido ni una cirugĂ­a , cuando Rosie sonrĂ­e no se le ve mucho labio que cuando tiene su boca cerrada se le ven mas carnudos labios igual que cuando ase morritos con los labios por eso se ven asĂ­ no porque allĂĄ tenido una cirugĂ­a pff , desde pequeña tiene sus labios asĂ­ , al parecer es la Ășnica pagina que dice que Rosie se a echo una cirugĂ­a .

    Si quieren saber de quien se a echo cirugĂ­a pongan a Megan Fox que ella si se a echo cirugĂ­as. Rosie es 100 por ciento natural , pura belleza natural. a y que estĂșpidas esas fotos de antes y despuĂ©s si se ve igual fue mala idea elegir fotos que salga Rosie sonriendo no se ven sus labios normales cuando sonrĂ­e.

  • avatar zoe says:

    strange thing is like megan fox she had naturally pump lips to begin with. but to get more fullness they get them done and done a little bit too much. i dont’ think this woman is good looking at all, but others find her to be.

  • avatar batgirl2k9 says:

    so the rosie huntington whiteley bitch fest continues, she gorgeous and theres so many jealous people out there, she alwsya had a big top lip she got called for her big top lip at high school and now its her trademark feature, so what if shes had a couple of injections in her top lip, i can go in my local town centre now and get my lips done on the high street, never saw that at one time, megan fox couldnt act for toffee so why theres all this have a go at rosie’s acting beats me, saw megan fox in jennifers body the other night on tv and she was pathetic!!!! rosie is a perfect english rose, like i said ALOT of jealous people out there, get a life!!!!

  • avatar Allyson says:

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has NOT had plastic surgery, especially not lip filler injections. The second set of so-called ‘before and after’ photos are fake, the ‘before’ one if from 2010 when she was at the Elle Style Awards and the ‘after’ picture is from the 2008 Opening of the Burberry store in Beverly Hills. Check it out for yourselves on Zimbio. The first set of ‘before and after’ pictures are also BS. She’s purposely pouting her lips in the ‘after’ shot and sucking in her cheeks (typical model pose) and she’s smiling in the other shot, so of course her lips aren’t going to look the same. She hasn’t had a nose job either. Her nose is still the same and every photo from her early modelling days to present show this. Sorry, but these plastic surgery websites really need to do better if they’re going to try to convince people that celebs have had this and that done. At least get before and afters that are in chronological order.

  • avatar Chad says:

    She has vagina lips

  • avatar Candice says:

    Well all these comments are awfully rude, I’ve known her since before she was in tranformers and way before that she talked about how when she was a child she always got made fun of because her lips were huge. they’re naturally like that, assholes

  • avatar brad jones says:

    it looks like she had eyelid surgery if you compare her non existant eyelids she had as a teen and how her much more defined eyelids are today minus the blue contacts she wears.

  • avatar Plastic Surgery Pics says:

    Her lips looks more beautiful now.

  • avatar Fiona says:

    haha ridiculous… in the second set.. the ‘before’ pic was taken at a transformers premiere, way before the ‘after’ pic which was from a fashion event in 2010. same face, different angles. anything for a story eh?

  • avatar Common sense says:

    Everyone’s top lip looks thinner when smiling!

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