Serena William’s Go-Go-Gadget Boobs!


Serena Williams just walked the red carpet at the ESPY Awards, with two new friends…

Serena Williams before and after breast implants:
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Serena donned a low cut hot pink dress, that showed off her very obvious breast implants. Ever since Serena aced her way into the limelight, she has been publicly ridiculed about her manly physique (come on people, she’s an athlete, not a supermodel). Sadly it appears that Serena let the opinions of strangers affect her better judgement and she underwent plastic surgery…Several times!

It has been rumored that Serena has had a nose job, liposuction, fat transfer and now she pops up with these new go-go-gadget breast implants. Personally, I think the the combination of high profile breast implants and skintight hot-pink polyester screams 1995 stripper, but hey, to each their own…

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  • avatar Lizzy says:

    You guys are off base She may very well have had other surgeries but I highly doubt a boob job is one of them. She has alays had boobs and there are numerous pictures from the very beginning of her career to substantiate that. I think she just has a good bra that has hoisted the girls up and squished them together to make them look like that.

  • avatar yallrHATERS says:

    It doesnt look like implants, i think the dress she is wearing just pushed them up more than in the other picture…

  • avatar zoe says:

    she hasn’t had any type of cosmetic surgeries for her face and or body b/c once all that makeup is off she looks like her old self still, its all makeup that you see that made all the difference and really good push up bras.

  • avatar Stupidwebsite says:

    Do you acutally have any clue what you are talking about? She doesnt have fake breasts, i guess you cant even distinguish between fake and real breasts if you would touch them. Horrbile site filled with ignorance.

  • avatar Superman says:

    These commenters are idiots!! She’s obviously not wearing a bra in both pictures! And the pink dress isn’t tight enough nor supportive enough to make her cleavage look like round breast implants. Therefore, she did get breast implants!

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