Pictures of Kris Kardashian’s Facelift Results


Khloe Kardashian let it slip that her mom, Kris Kardashian, recently had a facelift in preparation for Kim’s wedding. Apparently, Kris wanted to look picture perfect for the wedding photos (remember when weddings were about celebrating love, not photo opportunities?) and she thought that a full-on facelift was in order. Kris had the surgery on her face a little over a month ago and here are the before and after results:

Kris Kardashian Facelift Results

This is obviously not the first time that Kris Kardashian has had plastic surgery but I think that the results of her facelift are good. Her face has been smoothed out and even though her eyebrows have been elevated a bit high, they will settle in more once she is fully healed.

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  • avatar Jeff says:

    She actually does look good here. Her face looks much fuller but she probably still has some swelling that will subside.

  • avatar Should Be Working says:

    Liked her “before” face more. Looked more feminine, expressive and softer. New face looks manly-esque and hard.

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