Robin Antin Fights Father Time. Loses.


robin antin tranny faceHoly crap. WTF happened to Robin Antin?! Actually, I take that back. It’s obvious what has happened to Robin Antin, she’s had WAY too much plastic surgery!

Robin is the founder of and choreographer for the Pussy Cat Dolls and pretty much single-handedly brought the retro sexiness of burlesque dancing into mainstream fashion. Her professional career has her stuffed into sexy little costumes, on stage in front of hundreds and surrounded by younger and younger stars. Pretty much every hot young tabloid starlet has been featured in Robin’s Pussy Cat Dolls show: Carmen Electra, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardsahian, Audrina Patridge, Pamela Anderson, Kelly Osbourne, etc. So was being surrounded by increasingly younger stars what drove Robin to have her face surgically overhauled?

Robin is 49 year old and appears to have had some seriously bad plastic surgery. A boatload of Botox, filler injection in the cheeks and too much filler in the lips has Robin looking like she would bathe in the blood of babies in order to look 25 again. Seriously, look into those eyes and tell me Robin would not eat the soul of a nun to relive her younger years?!

Robin’s face should serve this warning: The harder you try to fight aging, the worse you are going to look”

robin antin plastic surgery

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  • avatar peppi says:

    I think she looked great in the 2008 pic. Probably not all natural but at least she doesn’t look like a tranny. Why can’t people quit while they are ahead? 🙁

  • avatar m says:

    ‘Tranny’ is exactly what I was thinking. She looked so much better before!

    • avatar Fuzzy_Lugnutz says:

      I dunno, I’m with m on this; she totally looks tranny, like bad, scruffy, end of the night-early morning hours, whisker sticking out from under the pancake makeup, Atlantic City, bargain bin TRANNY!

  • avatar Pat says:

    Yeeaaaa, you look a lot better now than you did before. Sheesh.

  • avatar Fonda Peters says:

    Very mannish. Yuk.

  • avatar cindy says:

    Saw her RHOOC, Gretche’s PCD show.

    IMO it looks like she has had cheek,chin,nose implants. Shame on that Doctor.

    She looked great in 2008, with just the small stuff done.
    I would have the implants removed, the facial implants never look good on anybody that I have seen.

  • avatar Fuzzy_Lugnutz says:

    Who smacked her in the face with a frying pan & gave her a boxer’s nose? I also looks like her facelift was done by getting her face caught in elevator doors & had someone hit the express button for the 100th floor. The stupid duck lips have got to stop already.

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