Courtney Stodden Is 100% Natural According to Plastic Surgeons


Courtney Stodden in BlackTeen bride and aspiring actress, Courtney Stodden, has been lambasted in the media with claims that she has had multiple cosmetic surgeries at the age of 16. So, in an attempt to keep herself in the headlines, Courtney and her husband Doug Hutchinson paid a plastic surgeon to tell the tabloids that she is 100% real. According to Dr. Gabriel Chiu, one of the plastic surgeons that was paid to examen Courtney:

In my professional opinion Courtney Stodden does not have implants. Her breast are 100 per cent natural and organic.

And according to Dr. Paul Nassif:

I examined her face for Good Morning America. Without her makeup, her face does appear younger. She does look like a teenager with her makeup off. If you’re just looking at her face, without looking at her hair, without looking at the way she’s dressed, or anything else … she does look older than 16 though, but not too much older. I don’t see any signs of plastic surgery.

Real of not, I am truly embarrassed for her husband, 51-year old actor Doug Hutchinson. Watch this interview of the two and tell me that you are not asking yourself, “What the heck was he thinking?!”. Despite her mature looks, Courtney Stodden has to be the most insecure, annoying, immature women on the planet:

It just makes me think that Doug Hutchinson can NOT be serious. Is he secretly getting paid for this “marriage” in hopes of Courtney launching some sort of career out of the media attention? Seriously, I do not get it.

More pictures of Courtney Stodden.

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  • avatar Citrus says:

    I’m a little suspicious of that birth certificate; that does not look legit at all. Aren’t birth certificates supposed to have like, a state seal or something?

  • avatar m says:

    I could only make it halfway through the video. Yes, very annoying. They both seem coo-coo to me. Poor dog.

  • avatar Anonymous says:

    what a freaking nut job – she has to be one of the most annoying people on the plant. this will not end well. how can you be that messed up by 16? (wait, I take that back…)

  • avatar From Tokyo says:

    I could only last a couple seconds into the video, not even a minute or half a minute. smh

  • avatar Daffygrams says:

    Just goes to show he’s a dirty old man.

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