Paris Hilton Has a New Face


Paris Hilton has been out and about promoting another one of her reality shows, “The World According to Paris”, and while her shows are always the same old Paris, it looks like the 30-year old socialite has recently had a tune up on her face. Looks like someone’s has been dipping into the trust fund for a bit of plastic surgery!

Paris Hiltons New Face

Paris looks to have had some handy Botox work that has smoothed out her skin and diminished her under eye circles. It also appears that Paris has had a procedure to soften her naturally square jawline. A chin implant perhaps? And probably the biggest improvement of Paris Hilton’s face, is that she finally had her lazy eye fixed!

All in all, Paris 2.0 is an improvement in my opinion. Paris Hilton may be rich, but she certain is not a natural beauty, that’s for sure!

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