Third Time’s The Charm for Denise Richards Breasts


Denise Richards has been chatting candidly about her Hollywood life, as she drum up some publicity for her new book, “The Real Girl Next Door”. One of the juicy tidbits that Denise has recently revealed is that she has had 3 breast augmentation surgeries.

Denise Richards Boob Jobs

Denise had her first breast enlargement surgery in 1991, when she was just 19-years old. Denise was in such a hurry to have her boob job, that she failed to do the proper research and ended up with a surgeon that implanted larger breasts implants then she asked for.

Denise decided to get her second set of implants in 1997, right before she filmed “Wild Things”, and again was unhappy with the results. Denise feels that the surgeon botched the breast augmentation surgery, but did not want to get into a lawsuit with a plastic surgeon in order to protect her privacy.

After a 3rd breast augmentation surgery, 40-year-old Denise is finally happy with the natural looking results of her breast implants.

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