Pippa Middleton’s Butt is a Fraud


Ever since the world watched Pippa Middleton follow her sister Kate down the aisle, the internets have been ablaze with how amazing Pippa Middleton’s butt is. There are websites and facebook pages dedicated to Pippa’s posterior and plastic surgeons claiming that they have received a huge increase in butt surgeries on women who want their butt to look just like Pippa’s.

So after examining the evidence, I have to say that Pippa Middleton’s “amazing” butt is the product of media hype. Pippa has an average butt that has been heralded as the epitome of all butts. One slow news day talking about Pippa’s “incredible” butt snowballed into this ass-inine obsession with this poor girls average butt.

The person that should be getting all of this attention is the designer (Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen) of the dress that Pippa wore in the royal wedding! The design of the dress is what really created those curves on Pippa’s athletic figure. Want a butt like Pippa Middleton? Take up jogging, stop eating cheeseburgers and buy yourself a $15,000 couture gown.

Woman are really having plastic surgery to look like this?!

pippa middleton has a flat butt

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with Pippa Middleton’s butt, but for the attention that she is receiving, I would expect something entirely more amazing that what Pippa really has going on back there.

More pictures of Pippa Middletons butt:

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  • avatar m says:

    She does look great in a bikini…much better than most women. Jeans? Not so much.

  • avatar Lizzy says:

    FYI, last picture is definitely her sister Kate and not Pippa.

  • avatar Michelle says:

    Wow, the author sounds like they have image issues with their own butt with this rant… There isn’t anything that screams ‘fraud’ about her butt. Maybe some women, who lack the curves they desire, would be more than happy with an ‘average’ butt like Pippa’s, instead of going the whole 9 yards and pulling a Nicki Minaj. I think for someone lacking ‘badonkadonk’; they would be better off going with a more natural look. The same with women who only get small breast implants to make it look believable. What’s wrong with that? Are you saying it’s more worthwhile to get your butt done like Nicki, Kim K, or J.Lo? That doesn’t work on everyone’s figure… Like, imagine Pippa having Kim Kardashian’s butt, but the same figure as she has now. Not a good look.

    And Lizzy is right, I actually think more than one of those is Kate, actually. But the one picture I know for sure isn’t Pippa… Kate has the better face and body, I don’t know why everyone fusses over her sister.

  • avatar Lily says:

    Why must us women have humongous butts like Coco or JLo in order for it to be considered fabulous? Pippa’s butt looks great for her frame. It’s in shape, and most women would kill for it. I’d rather my butt look like hers than Nikki Minaj anyday.

  • avatar Dr. Fiasco X.Vicodin says:

    Pippa and Kate are both beautiful young women, and of course Pippa’s gown was designed to make her look as splendid as possible and did so successfully did it not? Is that not the whole point of a gown? But if you want to see Pippa’s bum in all its near-royal splendor, simply look at the bikini photos. It ismost definitely Pippa (not Kate) -look at second-to-last where she is without her sunglasses.

    These ladies take good care of themselves. They eat a healthy diet and exercise with regularity. They get enough sleep, and despite some press to the contrary neither is a “party animal” in the least. Pippa more-so but she is much younger and quite entitled to celebrate university years as she pleases. Plus, they have both been blessed with good genetics. I cannot say enough positive about these wonderful young ladies, they are both genuinely nice,involved, intelligent caring people as well as natural beauties. They are both absolutely glorious ambassadors for the U.K. – the likes of which we have not seen since the late beloved Princess Diana (R.I.P.) In fact, both are much more comfortable representing the Queen and country than Diana was at their ages. It took Diana many years to gain a sufficient level of comfort in front of cameramen and crowds -but gain it she did indeed.

    In short, I would implore you to stop attempting to diminish Kate and Pippa in any way. It only hurts the U.K.

  • avatar Psycat says:

    which butt?…

  • avatar jake says:

    Yes, yes, yes, enough with the butt thing. she is fabulous and we all love her, that’s it. 50 yrs into time and it’s all history.

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