5 Stars Who Had Career-Ending Bad Plastic Surgery


When you are a celebrity, looking your best is part of your job, whether you are an actor, singer or entertainer. With advances in medical technology and the availability of plastic surgery, more and more celebrities are going under the knife in hopes of shaving off a few years and maintaining their looks. But just because everyone in Hollywood is doing it, doesn’t mean that all plastic surgeries will result in the desired effect. Sometimes the exact opposite happens and a celebrity undergoing plastic surgery in hopes of boosting his or her career, ends up unable to find work because of their altered appearance.

Here are our top 5 stars who had bad plastic surgery that ultimately killed their careers:

lil kim bad plastic surgeryName: Lil Kim

Age: 37

What happened: Little Kim started getting plastic surgery in the mid 90’s, as her career as a rapper started to take off. Sadly, she never bothered to stop and no longer looks anything like her original self. Lil Kim has had it all done, from a bad facelift to lumpy liposuction. She has even had to have her nose rebuilt after it collapsed from having too much plastic surgery.

Little Kim before and after plastic surgery pictures

meg ryan bad plastic surgeryName: Meg Ryan

Age: 49

What happened: After dabbling with lip fillers that enhanced her looks, Meg Ryan decided to get lip implants that transformed her from the cute girl next door, to not so much. The lip implants, cheek filler and Botox have turned Meg’s once charming smile into more of an eerie grimace. Meg has never spoken out about her botched plastic surgery, preferring instead to just fade away.

Meg Ryan before and after plastic surgery pictures

jennifer grey bad plastic surgeryName: Jennifer Grey

Age: 51

What happened: After starring in a string of the hottest movies in the 80’s, including ‘Ferris Buellers Day Off’ and ‘Dirty Dancing’, Jennifer Grey figured that a nose job couldn’t hurt her raising star. Unfortunately, she was very wrong. Her overzealous plastic surgeon shaved down her famous schnoz and rendered her unrecognizable, putting a halt to her acting career.

Jennifer Grey before and after plastic surgery pictures

laura flynn boyle bad plastic surgeryName: Lara Flynn Boyle

Age: 41

What happened: Lara Flynn Boyle starred in dozens of popular movies and tv shows through out the 90’s through the mid 2000’s. So how does a star of her caliber simply drop off the Hollywood radar? Bad plastic surgery that made her beautiful face unrecognizable. Lumpy, over-inflated lips, too much filler and too much Botox has Lara looking worse for wear.

Lara Flynn Boyle before and after plastic surgery pictures

megan fox bad plastic surgeryName: Megan Fox

Age: 25

What happened: Megan Fox is the latest victim of too much plastic surgery, too young. Megan received all sorts of positive attention after having lip filler injections and a nose job. But, Megan continued to have unnecessary cosmetic surgery, which has taken her from Hollywood hottie, to an un-real looking laughing stock, that can no longer land a role.

Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery pictures

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  • avatar OliviaRose says:

    Jennifer Grey was in Dirty Dancing, not Flashdance. LOL
    She looked so much better with her old nose.

  • avatar m says:

    I actually think Jennifer’s ‘new’ nose is more attractive.

  • avatar Mike says:

    Rappers have a very short shelf-life in terms of popularity, they’ll be big for a year or two (a little longer if they’re lucky,) so Lil’ Kim’s career would probably be where it is even without the bad surgery.

    Jennifer Grey’s nose job was actually quite good, but it did take away that innocent unique look is had in Dirty Dancing; however I’m not sure it was the only thing that ended her career since there are lots of “one-hit wonders” in acting who do one big film and nothing much afterwards.

    Meg Ryan did have bad work done to her and that hurt, but she was getting too old to do those “Meg Ryan” roles anyway.

    And Lara Flynn Boyle and Megan Fox were sort of “favor of the month types” (Fox more so than Boyle because Boyle can be a competent actress for time-to-time,) and bad plastic surgery or not they’re time in the spotlight wasn’t going to last.

  • avatar iuniuqe says:

    everynew rapper wanted to looking good and even sexy dont be jealous cause they can afford it but u can’t (JUST SAYING)…

  • avatar Lola says:

    You forgot Rose McGowen!

    • avatar Ashley says:

      Rose McGowan surgery is excellent considering it could have been worse I’d someone else did it. She was in an accident you jerk! She didn’t do it like some of these vain women trying to stay tounger. Why don’t you look it up before you open your trap.

  • avatar Daffygrams says:

    I think Jen Grey is prettier now. She’s a fine example of plastic surgery gone right.

  • avatar jackie says:

    laura flynn boyle looks like stifler’s mom in American Pie. not a good look..

  • avatar Georgina C. says:

    I think Meg Ryan looks awful. She was so pretty but now she her face looks pudgie and fake.

  • avatar T.M says:

    I don’t know where you got your info from about Lil Kim. Kim had to get a nose job because an ex boyfriend broke her nose during a domestic violence situation.

  • avatar zigzzagz says:

    Getting your nose broken does not leave you requiring a nose job. It leaves you needing the bone being set which changes your nose shape not at all. So your argument that lil Kim had to get a nose job is incorrect.

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