Did Miranda Kerr Have Plastic Surgery?


Miranda Kerr recently took a stroll down the runway for David Jones, looking a bit different then usual. It appears that Miranda has had a bit of plastic surgery on her supermodel face and body!
Miranda Kerr Before and After

According to the photo comparisons, it looks like Miranda has had a nose job and a boob job. I understand the breast implants, since Miranda works for Victorias Secret, and the implants look fairly natural since she only went up one cup size. But, I think the new nose looks bad. Miranda has a wide, heart-shaped face and the thin nose is not complimentary at all. I absolutely hate that extremely beautiful women are having plastic surgery nowadays and literally ruining their natural good looks. Let’s just hope that Miranda’s new nose is the result of bad makeup and not bad plastic surgery.

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  • avatar Stephanie says:

    Isn’t it possible she’s breastfeeding? That would explain the larger breasts. I have a hard time believing a new brand new mom would get implants so soon after giving birth.

  • avatar Dora says:

    She had a baby 7 months ago. She’s breastfeeding. Obviously you know nothing about breast size growing from the production of milk. As for the nose, it doesn’t look different at all. She’s on a runway, so the lighting is different, not her face. This blog entry on Miranda is pointless.

  • avatar Kim says:

    I also think the bigger boobs are due to breastfeeding (of which she even once released a picture, though I have no idea whether she still is breastfeeding).

    Am also having a hard time trying to find traces of the alleged nose job.

  • avatar Rachel says:

    Her boobs are bigger because she is BREASTFEEDING! And her nose doesn’t look different, her face is at a different angle, with different lighting.

    • avatar LinsayHuyen says:

      She have breast surgery! Not because she’s breastfeeding, when the women has breastfeeding the breast look bigger but its make the breast look so sink for the heavy milk inside, i mean sagging due to weight! But her boobs look so hard/solid. So its not natural breast at all. She totally has boobs surgery, before her bra is A now her bra is B without cotton/porous/pad.
      I’m women too, so i know it !
      I admit her nose, her face still the same. And she’s beautiful women look so sweet. She’s one of my fav model.
      My English is bad, so maybe u dont understand what i wanna say!

      • avatar missligenza says:

        Her boobs just look full, they’re not fake. They probably don’t look saggy because the dress is a tight halter. The straps pull her boobs up. Plus, there’s probably tons of double sided tape keeping them like that. They’re not fake.

  • avatar KF says:

    I Agree with all the comments. She just had a baby and the only difference in her nose is makeup technique.

  • avatar Ana says:

    Different lighting and make-up make her nose look slimmer. She’s walking down a runway, obviously they’re gonna do something like that.

  • avatar susan says:

    this is slander right?

  • avatar Mel says:

    It’s just makeup and lighting, she hasn’t had anything done. Why the hell would she need to? LOOK AT HER.

  • avatar samara says:

    Good on you for exposing the most toxic role model of all models – Miranda Kerr. Her breasts grew in size before she became pregnant but she claims her breasts are bigger due to breast milk! They are probably partly bigger due to breast milk but they wouldn’t be as big as they currently are if she didn’t have a boob job. Clearly, a person who doesn’t care about messing with the heads of young impressionable girls! Is getting fake boobs ‘Treasuring Yourself?’ or is she a hypocrite?

  • avatar anonymous says:

    skinny with fake tits – haven’t seen that on the victoria’s secret runway before!
    i’d feel like a failure if my daughter had such a low opinion of herself – if she was so lacking in intelligence that she thought stripper / model was the only thing she could do with her life
    you’re trashy miranda and so are victoria’s secret’s “fashion” shows

  • avatar Jennifer says:

    She was just on the Chelsea Noble show talking about how she is rocking the big boobs due to breast feeding. It was just before the VS show where she wore the multimillion dollar bra and she seemed proud of having the big boobs to enhance the look. I agree, he nose looks the same, just angle and lighting, so let her be. Hopefully she’s going to leave supermodel beauty which is what so many average looking people alone.

  • avatar Jennie says:

    As a breast feeding mother, I can say that her breast growth is definetley due to milk production! Mine even look fake if I haven’t fed the baby in awhile..If only the effects of breast feeding could last!

  • avatar Australian says:

    Many individuals who come across this picture will be (perhaps negatively) affected by this dazzling depiction of ‘natural’ beauty, and as such, I feel compelled to comment. Miranda Kerr does indeed have breast implants (I personally know a medical associate of her Sydney-based surgeon).

    And that’s okay – it doesn’t negate her status as a naturally beautiful girl. It is my opinion that they have been tastefully executed, and complement her physique. It is certainly a sound business decision to enhance her appearance in an industry based almost entirely on one’s looks. Understandably, she must deny any plastic surgery as it would conflict with her public image.

    I am commenting because I believe it can be unhealthy and potentially damaging for women to look at other women they may compare themselves to and seek to emulate without having a complete picture of their physicality.

    • avatar Linzee says:

      This is the most informative and well thought out comment to be posted on the subject. Good job.

      Side note: Plastic surgery results don’t always look obnoxiously different from the original version. In fact, the best surgeons are very conservative with what they remove/enhance so that it looks as natural as possible.

  • avatar Mariah says:

    You’re an idiot. She’s been breastfeeding for the past year. That’s why her breast are larger. They look completely natural. If they were fake they would be much more firm and round looking. Her nose looks exactly the same.

  • avatar Jonny says:

    She can breastfeed me anytime.

  • avatar joseph says:

    Thank you for confirming what is glaringly obvious about Miranda.
    That the only ‘fat’ on her body is fake boobs.
    She starves herself like the rest of the “eating disorder porn” stars.

  • avatar anon says:

    This is entirely pointless. Like everyone has said, her larger breasts are due to the fact that she is breastfeeding. And to the person who says her breasts were larger before she gave birth, there are these lovely things called push-up bras that can make any a cup look like a c.

  • avatar lisa says:

    r u stupid? her breast are obviously because she was pregnant, and her nose looks the same with a little help of contouring makeup.

  • avatar anna says:

    She obviously did have some type of plastic surgery, don’t forget heidi klum and her “best boob job ever” after a baby that looked so natural, but I don’t get how noone didn’t notice her cheek bones, they definitely do not look natural anymore, I personally think she is a veryvain person and she wouldn’t mind having a surgery to preserve her youth look 😉

  • avatar WTF says:

    I think people are so silly to assume and defend celebs saying that they “didn’t have surgery”… come on. Plastic surgery is extremely common, and not really a big deal in Hollywood. Look at Rosie Huntington-Whatever and a few of those other models… They’ve all had work done. All the Victoria’s Secret models for the most part have AT LEAST lip injections. And if you look of the shape of her breasts, they do look like implants. Her nose might just be make up though. And you know what? She looks good, she didn’t over-do it. And just because she had a baby doesn’t mean she’s breast feeding. Who knows what else she’s had done. But at least she looks good!

  • avatar Rick W says:

    I love what I see WOW

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