Maria Geronazzo is a Hungarian woman that is best known for her surgically “enhanced” face and body. So after examining some pictures of this Hungarian beast beauty, I have come to the conclusion that Maria Geronazzo may very well be a cyborg.

maria geronazzo really <a href=bad plastic surgery“>

I understand that traditionally, most cyborgs are made of metal parts, but come on…It’s 2011 and everything is made of plastic now. I say that Maria Geronazzo is a trail blazing plastic cyborg. And she is scary as hell!

This plastic Hungarian cyborg also has some sort of weird crush on the President of the United States, Barack Obama, and sends him random videos via YouTube:

Barack, buddy, you better sleep with one eye open, because this Hungarian cyborg woman totally wants to have sexytime with you.

Oddly enough, Maria Geronazzo used to be a very attractive women! Check her our before the bizarre, extreme plastic surgery:

maria geronazzo really bad plastic surgery

Maria has obviously have a lot of plastic surgery, including lip implants, breast implants and a brow lift, but I think her biggest plastic surgery failure is the combination of facial fillers and a too tight face lift.

More pictures of Maria Geronazzo:



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