Kris Kardashian Sued Over Her Plastic Surgery


Kris Jenner Post FaceliftKris Kardashian has been quick to talk about the facelift she had in June, in preparation for Kim’s wedding. Unfortunately her big mouth has gotten her into a bit of legal trouble and a lawsuit has been filed against her by cosmetic company B&P.

B&P claims that Kris has breached the contract she signed with them in March, to promote their anti-aging eye care line, by publicizing that she’s had a facelift.

Kris has already started to back peddle and says that the facelift didn’t effect her face or more importantly her eyes. Kris claims that the facelift was only to improve her neck. Last time I checked a facelift effects your face (and you can see the changes to Kris’s face and eyes post facelift). Perhaps Kris should have pulled a “Bristol” and claimed that she had to get the facelift for purely medical reasons, not cosmetic!

The funny thing about Kris getting sued over getting a facelift is that the only thing she really did differently then other celebrities is that she tried to drum up more press for herself by announcing that she had plastic surgery, rather then stay mum about it. Celebrities that have had plastic surgery have been endorsing anti-aging and weightloss products forever (Jane Fonda, for one). I always wondered how that can be legal. Isn’t that false advertising?

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  • avatar Erick says:

    She had more than two facelifts already. She also had eye work, facial fillers, chin reduction, breast implants, etc; etc; etc;

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