Lacey Schwimmer is Trying Too Hard


lacey schwimmer bad makeupLacey Schwimmer is a professional dancer, who has become a regular on “Dancing with the Stars”. She was most recently partnered with DWS contestant Steve-O from Jackass, who she openly had a crush on. This weekend, the 23-year-old dancer, showed up to Vanity Nightclub in Las Vegas looking like an early 90’s hooker. In addition to the bad makeup, bleached blonde hair and cheap/tacky/ugly outfit, the competitive ballroom dancer has also added a few things to her person that arn’t going to be so easy to fix: Fake boobs and a new nose!

Lacey is desperate to become a star and apparently being on a reality show is not good enough for her. Lacey has pulled a “Heidi Montag” and is trying to launch herself into celebrity stardom by getting over-the-top plastic surgery and pretending to be a singer.

Lacey is only 23-years old and has already had rhinoplasty surgery to make her nose smaller, and breast augmentation to make her boobs bigger. She also has had lip filler injections and what appears to be Botox injections. I don’t know what in gods-name she was thinking because Lacey looked one hundred times better before the plastic surgery and Hollywood hooker makeover.

Lacey Schwimmer before and after having plastic surgery:

lacey schwimmer bikini pictures

Here is Lacey Schwimmer performing her single “Love Sounds”:


Is it just me or does Lacey Schwimmer look like a Britney Spears/Jessica Simpson/Heidi Montag/Real Housewife of Orange County knockoff? Well, I guess we can look forward to leaked nude pictures and/or a sex tape or two from this one…

More pictures of Lacey Schwimmer before and after having plastic surgery:

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  • avatar m says:

    I’ve always found her to be annoying. While she’s always been on the chunky side and bottom-heavy, I do think she looked better prior to all of the changes.
    So tired of people with orange skin…gag.

  • avatar Jenn says:

    What has she done to herself? She was so cute with a look of her own. Now she looks like every other bimbo working the Strip. She could have just gone for the nose job and much smaller implants, maybe a few highlights in her hair.

    It’s just sad.

  • avatar peony says:

    I think it looks like she aged herself by 10 years.

  • avatar Nancy says:

    What a mess she has made of herself. Sad. That performance, if you can call it that, was awful. Playing your CD while you try to lip sync is not a good way to promote your music.

  • avatar OliviaRose says:

    This is too bad. How unoriginal – bleached hair, orange spray tan, cheap makeup. Actually, I have never heard of her before this. She does have a killer body though in the photo w/ the black & white suit. It looks like she’s gained quite a bit of weight in the red outfit photos. She was very attractive before. I agree w/ her getting implants, but why so big?

  • avatar Erick says:

    At least she’s better than Heidi Montag! She even has talent!!!!!!

  • avatar Dude says:

    She looks awesome now! Her amazing behind is now balanced out by her new big boobs. Guaranteed that she is now on the road to stardom!

  • avatar Cindy says:

    Watched her on So You Think You Can Dance, and thought she was adorable. Makes me sad. Don’t know how anyone thinks the “after” pic is better.

  • avatar Anja says:

    a cross-eyed tranny

  • avatar Athena says:

    The tattoos on her foot don’t match in the before and after picture.

  • avatar Eagle Eye says:

    Lacy didn’t win DWTS. The article stated she did.

  • avatar ann says:

    She was cute to begin with….now she looks like a hooker. Am wondering if the PTB will not have her on DWTS next season as she may put a stigma on the show with how she looks. I guess she must take seriously the saying “if you got it, flaunt it”; however, in her case, they were not hers to begin with.

  • avatar Chippy says:

    She is so autotuned.

  • avatar Lola says:

    I may be a minority – but I much prefer this look on her, its much more feminine and she just oozes sensuality. Kind of like a PCD.

    It does age her though.

    Then again – I think drag queen look super pretty ??

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