Diane Kruger Has Tasteful Breast Implants


It’s true when they say that everyone in Hollywood is having plastic surgery…but some are doing it better then others!

I would have never suspected that A-list actress Diane Kruger had undergone plastic surgery, but after you see her before pictures, it’s pretty obvious that she has had breast augmentation surgery!

Diane Kruger before and after getting breast implants:
diane kruger before after breast implants

Diane has managed to tastefully increase her breast size with believably-sized, and well executed, breast implants. It appears that she went from an A cup to a large B cup. Either way I think she looks great and it’s nice to see some tasteful celebrity plastic surgery, rather then the over-the-top surgeries the younger Hollywood set seem to be getting nowadays.

More pictures of Diane Kruger before and after breast implants:

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  • avatar Alicia says:

    She’s so beautiful…

  • avatar sam says:

    Bit odd, the before pic is from not THAT long ago, yes? But she was in Troy, topless, and had quite sizeable breasts, not that different from the after pic, really.

    So it might be a weight gain thing, she’s very skinny in the before pic, while she was much fuller and heavier in Troy.

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