Hilary Duff, Plastic Surgery and The Fetus


Hilary Duff has announced that she is pregnant with her first child. While this is normally a joyous occasion, I can’t help but wonder if the plastic surgery that Hilary has had will negatively affect her fetus? The most recent pictures of Hilary, show her with over-inflated lips after having filler injected into them.

Hilary Duff before and after lip injections:
Hilary Duff before and after lip Injections

It is unknown if filler injections will have an impact on an unborn child, but there very well could be an affect on your baby. According to Dallas plastic surgeon, D.J. Verret, MD:

The safety of fillers in pregnancy has not been established through rigorous scientific testing. Given the nature of the procedures and the injectibles, it is probably safe but no one knows for sure. As a caution, I advise patients not to undergo injections if they are pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant. Any possible risk is too great given that these injections are done for cosmetic reasons.

Hilary Duff has also had breast augmentation surgery, which can cause the inability to breast feed your child. According to babycenter.com:

Incisions made under the fold of the breast or through the armpit shouldn’t cause any trouble. The most popular method, making a “smile” incision around the areola, puts you at greater risk for problems.

If the nerves around the areola were not cut or damaged during surgery, you may be able to nurse fully or partially. Nerves are vital to breastfeeding because they trigger the brain to release prolactin and oxytocin, two hormones that affect milk production. Your chances of breastfeeding also improve if your milk duct system is intact. But, you won’t know the full extent of nerve damage — if any — until you try to nurse.

Now that Hilary is ready to start her new life as a mommy, I wonder if she is regretting her decision to have plastic surgery?

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