Heather Locklear’s Latest Set of Boobs


Recently, there has been a media buzz about Heather Locklear‘s breasts, ever since she stepped out wearing a low-cut LBD in New York. The big question is: “OMG Did Heather Locklear have a boob job!?”. The big answer? Yes! Heather Locklear has had several breast augmentation surgeries, and her new look appears to be the result of yet another.

heather locklear breast implants 2011

Heather had breast implants put in decades ago, so realistically, this is probably at least her third breast augmentation surgery, since breast implants typically need to be replaced every 10 years. Most recently, it looks like Heather had a new, larger set of implants put in, and a breast lift surgery as well.

More pictures of Heather Locklear through the years:

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  • avatar Alicia says:

    3-4 years back, she was looking really amazing and natural. At least I think it was around then. Now her face looks like it’s had everything done to it.

  • avatar Sarah says:

    Everyone stop picking on Heather, she has been through a lot! My husband met her a few times years ago when she was still with Richie and said she was a lovely, warm and kind woman, very petite beauty. People, women’s bodies and faces change a lot from the mid-40’s on due to changing hormone levels. Its a shame, true, that aging gracefully is not done more, I guess there are not enough role models out there to show how beautiful a woman can be in her later years, like Kate Hepburn, Sophia Loren, or the model Cindy Joseph. None of them bobbleheads, just healthy, glowing, happy, great bone structure, nutrition and lifestyle all help.

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