When it comes to the topic of celebrity plastic surgery, Kim Kardashian‘s name usually tops the list of discussion. But what about the rest of the Kardashians? This family has obviously had a lot of work done at the hands of a plastic surgeon. Here, we break down the Kardashian’s and how they were built/rebuilt by a plastic surgeon:

The Plastic Kardashian Family

The Kardashian’s have opened up about some of the procedures that they have had (nose jobs, facelifts, breast implants and Botox) for their reality show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, but Kim keeps denying that she’s had anything done, aside from the Botox she had on camera for her show. Kim can keep pretending, but the proof is in Kim’s before and after pictures!

The Kardashian’s are so addicted to plastic surgery, that they even had their family dog, Rocky the boxer, undergo plastic surgery. When they had Rocky neutered, Kim and Kris thought it would be a fabulous idea to have fake testicles (called Neuticals) implanted in their dog’s scrotum. Kim Kardashian decided to opt for the smaller pair of Neuticals for Rocky because she, “doesn’t like big balls on dogs, or anything else“. Oh, Kim, always the epitome of class and style!

Kim and her dog Rocky:
Kim Kardashian and Rocky Her Dog

Kylie Jenner breast implants?It has even been suggested the 13-year-old Kylie Jenner has already had a breast augmentation, in order to emulate her curvy big sisters. Normally, I would say, “No way would a mother or plastic surgeon allow a 13-year-old girl to get a boob job!”, but the world is changing and sadly many children are having unnecessary plastic surgery thanks to their insane parents. So in reality, I wouldn’t put it passed Kris to allow her youngest daughter to have plastic surgery at 13.

<--- Kylie Jenner: Boob job or padded bikini top?

The Kardashians are hungry for fame and it seems like they will do just about anything to keep their name up in lights. Sex tapes, plastic surgery and fake lavish, televised weddings, oh my!



  • avatar Lola says:

    Oh Kim has had WAAAY more surgery than whats depicted on the picture !

    Her cheek implants example

  • avatar Erick says:

    There’s rumors that she had cheek implants, chin/jaw work, lip augmentation, facelifts, boob jobs, breast lifts, tummy tucks, liposuction, butt implants, hair removal, Botox, fillers, nose jobs, eye work, chemical peels, a mini brow lift, celulite treatments, cheek fillers, neck lift, and even a body lift! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hater, these are just rumors I heard.

  • avatar Rachel says:

    Kylie hasn’t had anything done. She’s just naturally big breasted

  • avatar Raze says:

    Whatever Kim had done, she’s gorgeous. And I am not a fan, and I’m actually a straight woman. But the woman is beautiful, fake or not.

  • avatar Brah says:

    I disagree, I think that Kim looks horrible. She used to be such a pretty girl, but she messed up her face and body with all that bad plastic surgery. With her pulled face and cartoonishly large ass, she looks like a freak.

    • avatar Marit Londeaux says:

      I totally agree. She looks like a caricature of herself. I can only imagine what that butt is going to look like after a couple of kids. Ugh!

  • avatar Emily says:

    This is literally the worst article I have read in a while. Everyone is just completely jealous of this gorgeous family! Firstly, in one of the episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kris and Bruce won’t even let Kylie have boys over to the house, so I highly doubt that they would allow her to get a boob job. Kris and Bruce seem like the nicest and genuine parents and they are clearly not letting their daughters fall into the trap of the ‘Hollywood fame and fortune’ and letting it get to their heads. Also, the Kardashian girls are naturally curvy girls and clearly half of the stuff stated here is absolutely not true at all.

    • avatar marilou says:

      hhahahhahaa..!!!!”genuine nice parents” really??parents who expose their underage chirldren to reality shows are good and genuine,nowadays..?HAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAHH..!GOD BLESS YOU,YOU MADE ME LAUGH..!”they’re not letting their daughters to fall into the trap of the hollywood fame and fortune” honestly?with the cameras into their house,with their talk about money,clothes,parties and whatever shallow stuff they can think of..?or should i talk about the fact that one of the teenage girls(i don’t kanow their names) is working as a model in the tender age of 13?14 maybe..? when the only think these girls should do,is having a normal childhood life…?really dear emily have some mature thinking…some education maybe..try to achive something good in your life instead of being blinded by all this hypocricy…

    • avatar kimmie says:

      kim is fake her mother is a pimp she is the sick one the whole family kake bruce really mess up he look horrible if you had work its ok why lie kimis sick an kris h he a 26yrs old goofy that kim can control made money off her wedding a show pimp kris an having the camera follow you to her father grave please she sad money will make you do anything yes she pretty cause of surgery just be real about kim k

    • avatar kimmie says:

      you are literally the dumbest person repliying there whore that woould slept with snakes to profit go suck a lemon please thank you goofy person

    • avatar RadRich says:

      No jealousy, just sick of seeing this family pushed on us. Can’t turn the channel without seeing something about “Kardashian”, and now I’m seeing their ads from Sears? LOL.

      That Bruce Jenner should get some balls implanted. What a puss. Did he change his last name to Kardashian as well?

      • avatar Marit Londeaux says:

        Bruce didn’t change his name to Kardashian but Kris wants to change her name from Jenner, back to Kardashian. What a slap in the face to Bruce! As if people don’t know who she is already. I guess Kris Jenner doesn’t ring a bell with some people so then she has to explain, “you know, of the Kardashian family.” This woman lives for fame and the whole family is so used to being in front of a camera what the heck are they going to do when their show goes off the air? They might not think so now, but eventually ALL shows have to end. And then nobody will give a crap who they are or what they’re selling this week.

    • avatar hdjxjdh says:

      Okay, you really need to come back to Earth and get in touch with reality; Bruce is the only one who is barely in the damn spot light. Kris is a controlling mother that needs to give her children space from fame. It’s turning their lives upside down. You obviously don’t pay attention enough, so what do you care? They think being plastic is pretty.. it’s not. The only plastic people want are rectangle things called credit cards. The pictures say it all….. smdh..

    • avatar Marit Londeaux says:

      Emily, you are so naive. Did you see the “before” and “after” pictures of Kim on the cover of Star magazine? She looks nothing like her former self. (See link above, where it says “Kim Kardashian looks like a Jackson.”

  • avatar susan says:

    I think who ever comes up with these stories is rather delusional.
    Yes it is quite obvious many of the Kardashians have had plastic surgery. But to say that a 14 year old girl has just because her breasts appear large is outrageous. Did you know that some people develop larger breasts than others? Are you saying that every 14 year old girl with large breasts must either be wearing padding or had implants? It’s ridiculous.

    • avatar Mandly says:

      Well if she didnt have surgery, she got quite large in a very short amount of time. Look up earlier pics of her & you can SEE a difference. She still looks the same every where else, just her boobs are bigger. Just saying.

  • avatar Cindy says:

    Kim is beautiful,but, her butt is big I guess some people like that it looks out of proportion to me.

    • avatar HONEY CHILD PLEASE says:


  • avatar Cheri says:

    I think the Kardashian’s are a loving family and they are very hard worker’s. Who cares if they have had a little plastic surgery done. You would be surprised at who had had some work done. There’s nothing wrong with that at all! If it makes you feel better about yourself and if you have the money, then why not? I never thought I would ever have anything done myself but at 43, I decided I wanted to do this for myself and I do not have any regrets at all! I looked awesome! More power to the Kardashian’s!

  • avatar SANCHEZCK says:

    Who cares if ppl have plastic surgery! I bet each and everyone of you on here would get sum kind of cosmetic surgery done if u had the money! I know I would… Only difference is I wouldn’t LIE ABOUT it!!! Kim is just as fake as those “rumors” ppl are saying about her! Hollywood is like one big ass high school!

  • avatar Alicia says:

    Kim’s face is too unnaturally tight these days. Her lips also look like they’re turning into sausages in some photos.

  • avatar Tired of your comments says:

    Omg, your stupid ass comments are pathetic. What’s wrong, you don’t have enough stories to write about?

  • avatar jay says:


  • avatar Mero! says:

    That is just mean, So what if they are fake, You don’t have to stick your nose in it, As long as YOU are not fake….Remember talk about people you get what you said!

  • avatar Mandly says:

    Just saying, Ya, I could see a difference from some earlier bikini pics. Seriously, I dont know of any ppl who gain weight in just their boobs. I mean really?

  • avatar Shakira Abdulahi says:

    I like bobies! Its nice!
    Stoop haiting, its beautiful and all natural! I love implants! Its gives you attention and sexiness.. 🙂

  • avatar Josh.S says:

    Kylie doing plastic surgery? you know what ever happened to girls who are NATURALLY big breasted huh? i know many girls like that, 12 year old’s that are more curvaceous and big breasted than the Kardashians. Heck what would dumb ass gimps say if you saw my family? i’m no celebrity but my fucking grandma is 68 and looks like 30 with no plastic surgery and no MAKEUP you guys need to realise that they are some blood lines out their that have better bodies and looks than normal people generally. OR you just need to accept that your not from one of those blood lines and stop fucking hating. because if any one you ass wipes got a chance to date a Kardashian you would jump for it without thinking twice thats a fact.

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