Did Carmen Electra Get Bigger Implants?


Carmen went for a stroll in the Florida Keys last week, and showed off what seems to be a set of new, larger breast implants:

Carmen Electra's New Breast Implants

Carmen had her first breast augmentation in the 90’s (when big fake boobies were new and exciting), and she originally went from a B-cup to a full C-cup. Now, she’s sporting Pamela Anderson sized knockers that look to be double D’s. Not really an improvement if you ask me!

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  • avatar k says:

    There are lots of bikini pics of Christina Milian goin round – her stomach is very lumpy – shes had lipo after baby!!!

  • avatar Lily says:

    I wouldn’t say she’s got bigger implants, she’s just wearing a pushup bra. It looks heavily padded, also.

  • avatar Alicia says:

    It looks a bit ridiculous, but she can kind of pull the look off somehow. Even though I liked the before photo better.

  • avatar Alan Stanwyck says:

    I think they look great…and she wears them well…whether they’re oversized-implants or as the result of a Vic’s Secret enhancement.

  • avatar zoe says:

    she probably had her implants replaced which would swell and look like she got larger implants. i dont think she would go and get even larger breast with her tiny size, her boobs from before at the size they’re at looks and works for her body and anything bigger would make her look like she has giant balls on her chest.

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