Darryn Lyons Has No Shame Over Bizarre Fake Abs


darren lyons fake absDarryn Lyons is a semi-famous Australian paparazzo, who is on the current season of Celebrity Big Brother. Darryn has garnered quite a bit of attention after doffing his shirt to reveal bizarre 6-pack abs that have been etched into his over-weight belly.

Darryn underwent a plastic surgery procedure called abdominal etching (a type of body contouring), where liposuction is used to remove the fat in a pattern that is supposed to resemble ripped abs. While this procedure can help a very fit person look extra-lean, it makes a fat man, look ridiculous. Darryn’s etched abs have been compared to abs stenciled onto a barrel…and I think that’s a pretty accurate description!

Even more bizarre than Darryn’s fake abs are his beliefs that they look awesome. Darryn is so pleased with the results of his abdominal etching, that he has invested in the company and is now co-director and the main investor in Body Contour.

More of Darryn Lyons bizarro abs:

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