Lindsay Lohan’s Latest Addiction: Plastic Surgery


I think it is safe to say that Lindsay Lohan has an addictive personality. If she is not over-doing the drugs and alcohol, then she is stalking her ex-girlfriends or stealing things from boutiques. Now that she claims to have her drug and alcohol addictions under-control, she has appeared to have moved on to an equally destructive addiction: plastic surgery.

Lindsay and Dina Lohan in August 2011:
Lindsay Lohans New Face

Lindsay posed for photos at Kim Kardashian‘s wedding last weekend, looking like a remake of Donatella Versace and Amanda Bynes. Whoever her new face used to belong to, she should give it back and swear off of plastic surgery forever. Even her mom, known fame-whore Dina Lohan, looked embarrassed to be seen with her!

And just in case you forgot, Lindsay Lohan is only 25 years old! Here she is before and after she ruined her looks with her addicitons:

Lindsay Lohan Before and After Plastic Surgery

Changing your look may be the way to go for an unemployable actress, but plastic surgery is not working for Lindsay at all. Lindsay looks horrible and unrecognizable with the ever-inflating lips and cheeks.

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  • avatar Michelle says:

    Wow… It definately looks like she’s overdone the tanning and had her lips done… But I’m not sure about the cheeks. This appears to be very unflattering lighting, combined with bad makeup and, again, too much of a tan. Hopefully she didn’t really get cheek implants.

    It’s such a shame, she was so beautiful when I was in highschool. Every girl wanted to be her and all the boys wanted her. It makes me sad. I have heard from people that have met her in person that she is very sweet, not at all like the media portrays. I really hope she finds her way, it’s not too late, it’s never too late.

  • avatar Anonymous says:

    She looks SO OLD. Hopefully the poor thing gets the help she needs and saves herself before its too late. It’s really sad that she looks 40 at 25.

  • avatar Renee says:

    I feel bad for lindsay too 🙁 I don’t think she had cheek implants I think she got filler injected in them. And that is quite the brazen lip job, I guess she really doesn’t care if people know theyre fake!

  • avatar Deb says:

    What happened to Dina’s implants? All of a sudden she’s flat chested?

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