Vienna Girardi’s Nose Job Results are Anti-Climactic


Vienna Girardi had a nose job in July and is now ready for her close up….Or is she?

Vienna Girardi before and after rhinoplasty surgery:
Vienna Girardi After Nose Job

Vienna was cute before the nose job and now I find her a little ‘meh’. Just kind of boring to look at really, nothing stands out about her face to me. Her new nose doesn’t look smaller or better, just different. I would be pretty disappointed if I was Vienna. What do you think? Was Vienna’s nose job a success or just a waste of time and money?



  • avatar M3 says:

    I don’t think she looks any better or worse — just slightly different. Waste of time and money…

  • avatar sofie says:

    she’s so ugly on the inside…it doesnt matter what she looks like on the outside…..

  • avatar mr.ed says:

    She still looks “Eye”talian to me.

  • avatar cc says:

    she needs to find a better plastic surgeon.

  • avatar grace says:

    Is it me or does her entire face look like it’s a different shape? It looks rounder in the after photo and really long in the before photo. And her upper eye lids look more prominent??? Is that even possible? Did she have more work done and announce the nose job to throw us off of the trail of the other work?

  • avatar Frankenstuff says:

    Now here’s a first in a long long time – she actually looks better in the AFTER and certainly her nose does. I bet this girl would be a pretty good shag.

  • avatar OliviaRose says:

    I don’t know who this is, but by going by the 2 photos, I can’t tell much difference in her nose other than the point does not go down as far which I guess is an improvement. Also, it does look like her face is much fuller and puffier.

  • avatar pak31 says:

    I think she just looks different not better. I don’t understand what happened to her eyes. Her upper eyelids are bigger. She used to have eyes more wide open, now not so much. I wouldn’t be happy. I am who I am, my facial features make me who I am known as. To alter that just to have a better shaped nose, makes you look different, then it’s like you are a different person. I just couldnt’ do it.

  • avatar Alicia says:

    Who is she?! I liked the before photo better. It made her look more unique and pretty.

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