Audrina Patridge Denies Her Obvious Plastic Surgery


Audrina Patridge was recently asked by an interviewer if she had undergone breast enhancement surgery. Her answer:

Well, see I have this chest problem. My bone right here, it’s higher on this side? It’s pectoralis something. So I’ve always struggled with that. You could see they look different sizes all the time.

So apparently Audrina’s “chest problem” (which she doesn’t know the name of) has caused these perfectly round symmetrical growths to spring up under her breast tissue that look exactly like stripper breast implants. Poor Audrina! 🙁

Audrina before and after being afflicted with “pectoralis something”:
Audrina Patridge Breast Implants 2011

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  • avatar cc says:

    i think she was talking about the Capsular Contracture of her breasts and trying to blame that on her bones instead of the implants.

    is she on some sort of prescription medication? she always seems spaced out.

  • avatar stefani says:


  • avatar RadRich says:

    F’n liars. I know it’s none of our business, but when public figures are famous for showing off their bodies then IMHO, they open themselves to comments and especially questions regarding body modification, especially when it’s so obvious.

    So the point I’m trying to make… if these “celebrities” lie so easy about the obvious, how can we ever believe anything they say?

  • avatar Dwight says:

    Audrina is an absolute GODDESS!!! She has a beautiful body and such an adorable face. The girl works out all the time and is in amazing shape. Audrina is a”NATURAL” beauty. I whole heartingly believe that she hasn’t had any surgeries. Instead of all the hate we should just sit back and enjoy Audrina’s many talents!!!

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