Garrett Hedlund Ruined His Formerly Gorgeous Face


Whatever happened to ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’?!

Exhibit A: Garrett Hedlund’s face before and after plastic surgery.
Garrett Hedlund <a href=Nose Job Pictures” title=”Garrett Hedlund Nose Job Pictures” width=”595″ height=”363″>

Before, Garrett was a ruggedly handsome guy with swagger. After having a nose job, Garrett’s nose is slightly smaller, pointier and the effect has totally feminized his face. Sorry, Garrett, your face now screams “Hollywood cookie-cutter wannabe”. Sad! He was super hot before…

I’m so sick of attractive people literally ruining their natural good looks trying to be even more ridiculously good looking (are you listening Rosie? Megan? Kim?)

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