Kate Upton Does Not Have Breast Implants


Kate Upton is a voluptuous supermodel who has posed in the Sports Illustrated Swimwuit Issue and she rocks the catwalk for Victoria’s Secret. Kate’s breasts have been a hot topic of conversation, and many people say that she has breast implants.

Well, we have done the research and concluded that Kate Upton most certainly does not have breast implants. Check out Kate walking down the runway in a bikini and you can see that her large breasts move in a way that only real breast can!

With that said, while the 19-year-old model doesn’t currently have breast implants I wouldn’t rule them out for Kate in the future. Kate has naturally large D-cup breasts and I bet she will end up getting breast implants and/or a breast lift in order to maintain the fullness that she will start to lose as she gets older (Just like Sophia Vergara did). Luckly, Kate has the breast tissue and body fat to properly disguise breast implant and they will probably look very natural on her if she does decide to get them.

More video of Kate Upton workin’ it on the catwalk:

And pictures of Kate’s natural breasts in body paint:

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  • avatar daveh says:

    Are you freaking blind, no implants? You people should really take a look at photos of women in the 1960s and before, and see what real breasts look like. Hate to be blunt, but you’re an idiot.

    • avatar Kelley says:

      Right on, finally someone who agrees – they’re fake !! Too shiny, from the implants being stuffed under the skin. Fakers can move like this too. WAY too round. Too far apart. Consensus – FAKE.

      • avatar replytoall says:

        Idiots!! Why are we even having this debate? Of course her breasts are real. Nobody would ever get flat and saggy implants like what she has. My breasts look like hers (except they are not lopsided) and mine are REAL. Fake breasts are much more round and perky.

    • avatar Wendell Fogmaster says:

      Implants do not flatten like this when you lie down:
      If you look at women from the 1960’s? If you look at women form any age you will see that breasts are all different. Some are close together, some are far apart. It’s how humans are made.

      • avatar Jack Ketch says:

        She has the same kind of implants that Kim Kardashian has. And you can see the outline of the implant when she does. She just has more body fat than most and it hides a lot of the implant. Real ones do NOT shine like, either.

        • avatar JJ says:

          Real ones don’t SHINE? Seriously? What a laugh. I was willing to have an open mind and look at the videos and the photos (how nice of me!), but the new topless video makes it obvious: real. These are jealous strippers saying they’re all fake. Just look for yourself, there are a ton of Kate photos. Over muscle or under muscle, implants are obvious when lying down. If hers were fake, you’d see it when she lies down. They are real.

        • I agree that she more than likely has implants. They are likely saline implants, the more naturally designed implants which make for a natural look and feel compared to plastic silicone which make one’s breasts appear very round with little movement. On the other hand,implants do not make breasts shine. LOL If you believe they do, then you need a head check.

          • avatar Jack Ketch says:

            Yes they do, twit. They stretch the skin. Not implants are that shiny, but they do stretch the skin, creating that give-away shine. SHE has that shine, and enough body fat to cover the outlines of the implants. FFS they are fake, get over it. Katy Perry’s are fakes, too, bet you didn’t know that.

      • avatar Jack Ketch says:

        You can see the implant outline bonehead.

    • avatar Sarah says:

      HAHA Yes they are real! You obviously are a complete idiot! I am very slim like Kate and I have size 34F breasts and mine are very perky! Just because you can’t get a woman with nice breasts doesn’t mean hers are fake.

      • avatar Jaycee says:

        I have been accused of having fake ones because I am a small woman but have natural 36DD’s. I come from a family of naturally busty women. I think that some people just say mine are fake because they are JEALOUS cuz I got mine given to me by mother nature. So many women have to get implants and that is very sad for them 🙁
        What people are not taking into consideration is that young ladies’ bodies are maturing quite early now. Maybe its the hormones put in our food but there are young teens who are busty and NO they are not getting implants at that age.

        If someone is jealous of Kate Upton’s beauty than it is only because they do hate their own appearance. That beautiful model cannot take responsibility for another woman’s self hatred.

        • avatar Jessicajess says:

          OMG Why are you so angry? I’ll bet you have great boobs or whatever, but no need to be a bitch about it. Calm down. Morons will be morons, and if they disagree with you, that’s they’re problem.

      • avatar Okay says:

        Serah your a dumbass no one here is jealous of kate upton and if you do have an fcup it means that it is just fat and that you are overweight lol

      • avatar Jack Ketch says:

        And you obviously are blind … fakes all the way.

    • avatar Okay says:

      Yeah she probably does have implants she said that she hit puberty when she was 15 although she was already was a bcup I don’t think she knows that your boobs don’t grown untill you hit puberty of she really would of have puberty when she was 15 she would of been wearing training bras at that time and wouldn’t have been a bcup

  • avatar cally nem says:

    Hi I have implants that move exactly like Kate’s because they were placed OVER the muscle– unlike the vast majority of recipients today. Most surgeons place the implant under the muscle(called pockets)so that it looks more natural if you don’t have much natural tissue to hide the hard edges of the implant. When the implant is on top of the muscle, it can move and wiggle freely as opposed to being trapped under the muscle.

    • avatar Sarah says:

      Bullshit! You are just jealous because she has natural big boobs and you have gross fake one and had to pay for them! Her boobs are 100% real! I would know I am a woman with 34F and I am very slender. My breasts are perky also.

      • avatar aj says:

        all she said was that her own were fake and could still move like that. no negatively against kate whatsoever and you go off the deep end and start accusing someone you know nothing about of being jealous. seems like you base your self worth on your bra size. fake boobs look hot btw usually better than real ones (big ones anyway, there’s no fighting gravity). you sound like you’re jealous of fake ones the way you try to bash on them haha

      • avatar Jack Ketch says:

        Sarah, you’re a twit, a blind twit. They’re FAKE.

  • avatar RENEE B says:

    It must be a man who posted this article. Those are fake, not that im judging, mine are fake too. They are really good fake ones at that. I worked in a strip club for some years, ive seen many a boob bounce like that. Their silicone gels probably 400cc’s. Its all good, lets just not kid ourselves. The true blue real body beauties were in the 90’s, everybodys fake now. Hope this didnt burst your fantasy bubble.

  • avatar Sara k says:

    WOW ARE YOU BLIND!? Not a hater here but those are fake! I have breast implants as well and they move the same way.. it’s called under the muscle placement…

  • avatar Seymour Butts says:

    Oh please !! They’re as phony as a $3.00 bill … the space between them, the roundness, everything. FAKE. And by the way, fake ones jiggle too.

  • avatar Hugh Jass says:

    My boobs look like that and they’re real. Pretty obvious in the body paint.

  • avatar Lola says:

    I nearly fell of my chair laughing with the “do your research people” line followed by “they bounce right” Ha ha ha ha ha .. HAS to be a man … women know these are fake – we have boobs – we play with our boobs – we know how our boobs move – and we know what a real one versus a fake one looks like – add to some of us also have implants so we know what those look like too – in relation to real ones too – now THAT is research … btw newsflash all boobs bounce !!!!

  • avatar robyn says:

    Lots of jealous females in this post. She has amazing boobs and I’m sure they are real. They shift and move naturally… if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it’s a duck. Just because her breasts are nearly perfect doesn’t mean they are fake.

    • avatar AC says:

      How are you sure they’re real? Do you have boobs? Have you touched them? You obviously have limited “experience” with real breasts of any size. It doesn’t look like a duck, real breasts are supple and look soft, not like hard rubber balls, it doesn’t quack like a duck because putting an implant under the muscle is like putting a racketball ball into a sock, it’s going to bounce. How can you consider something that looks like rubber and bounces like rubber nearly perfect? Please look up pictures of a young Claudia Schiffer, Raquel Welch, or nude pics from the 1960’s so you can see what beautiful “nearly perfect” real breasts look like.

      • avatar robyn says:

        I *have* breasts you presumptuous moron. I ‘obviously have limited experience with breasts’ because the only way you can argue your point is if the person who disagrees with you is a basement dwelling mouth breather who has never seen real tits.

        I’m as sure they are real as you are sure they are not.

        Her breasts don’t look anything like hard rubber balls. They look soft and squishy but round and pert like one would expect the breasts on a young female woman barely out of her teens to look.

        You ‘obviously’ haven’t had a nice firm pair of breasts for quite some time….. if ever. I’ll happily be presumptuous about that little fact.

    • avatar Rebecca says:

      Yes, there are. I’m also amazed at the women who admitted they had fake ones (so they think they should know). I’ve seen all kinds of fake and real breasts, under and over the muscle surgeries. Those are real. Some 19 years old’s just have perfect breasts.

    • avatar MS3TK says:

      Just because you have boobs Robyn, does that make you an expert? I think not. Idiot.

      • avatar Robyn says:

        Quote” *How are you sure they’re real? Do you have boobs? Have you touched them? You obviously have limited “experience” with real breasts of any size. *

        to which I answered: yes I have boobs.

        I never said it made me an expert, you’re are just assuming that was what I was implying when I was merely responding to a question.. it doesn’t make me anymore of an expert than the chicks with fake boobs saying that hers *must* be fake because *their* tits are fake.

        Try to pay attention to the whole thread, not just one sentence… it makes you look like the idiot.

  • avatar N says:

    those are fake…i can even see the angle of the prosthesis..she is a cute girl..but her body is not hot..she’s an apple shape not waist definition she bigger at her torso than at her hips! skinny legs, flat ass..not a hater but this is the reality she won’t had never make it going to model agencies with her pic..and measures! it has to be through you tube..

  • avatar Nicole says:

    Idiot, trying looking up pics of marilyn monroe or bettie page…those are some are perfect exsamples of slender women with naturally big boobs..the shape is a lot different than that of fake boobs…plus today, surgeons can make fake boobs look real, do a little research.

  • avatar AC says:

    Those are fake. I’m sorry, I did presume you were like this nerdy dude that hasn’t been with a lot of women, because I think a woman has been around all kinds of breasts her whole life, both real or fake, her own, sisters’, friends’, other relatives, of all ages. I think one day you’ll know a friend or relative who’s Kate’s age, with large, NATURAL perky breasts and you’ll see what many of us on here are arguing.

    I happen to love my boobs! It’s funny you wrote what you wrote, ironically, to me of all people. It’s my best feature! They’re real and they’re spectacular. LOL. And if you’re going to dispute, then do so with your email address and a willingness to see pics of a stranger’s breasts. You’ll learn a thing or two though.

  • avatar Rebecca says:

    I’m a woman with large breats. They’re real and still pretty high up, not all over the place or saggy. It depends on your muscle tone and firm milk ducts. Fake breats don’t bounce like that when a woman walks. I think this is common sense…

    • avatar Jack Ketch says:

      Fakers can bounce too. When she lays down you can see the implant outline, come off it. The shine gives them away.

  • avatar Tricia says:

    Her breasts are very real just because they are big does not mean they are fake, lots of women have NATURALLY big boobs that are perky. I happen to be one i am 5’2 and have NATURAL D-cups that are still quite perky, not saggy or stretched. It is a real natural thing, this just goes to show you what our world is really coming too when a girl absolutely HAS to have fake breasts because they are big, heaven forbid they actually be real. But if you have EVER seen a women with naturally big boobs you would know just by watching her walk that they are very real, and even looking at her other pictures, fake boobs do not move like that especially ones of that size.

  • avatar barbs says:

    Sorry, you are all wrong. I can say without a doubt that they are natural. I’ve seen thousands up close and strutting(bartender at strip club) and can tell you that the only thing that jiggles like that are natural breasts.

    • avatar Jack Ketch says:

      Duh … Google it. There are sites where plastic surgeons themselves have determined that they’re fake. Real tits do not have that sort of gap between them

  • avatar Jack Ketch says:

    Fakes !! The shine gives them away, and so does the gap, and so does the perfectly round shape … good boob-job, but they’re fakes.

  • avatar mammofile says:

    They look real when she is walking. However, check the videos and/or pics of her lying down – there is no sag whatsoever. From watching videos in which she lies down, I have concluded they are fake because they still stick up and have little or no sagging when she lies down. Still, they are quite spectacular.

  • avatar Jack Ketch says:

    I’ll say it again. Fake. You can SEE the implant. She has the same sort of implants as Kim Karadashian. When she lies down, they do spread out a bit. FFS people, did you see the cover of Sports Illustrated ? Cantalope halves, perfectly round BOLT-ONS. By the way, Katy Perry’s are fake too. Good fakes, but fakes.

  • avatar JJ says:

    The proof is in: new topless video of Kate Upton leaves no doubt. I thought the Terry Richardson stuff was proof enough that Kate’s are real, but I stayed out of this and let everyone have their opinion. OTOH this video from Germany just came out yesterday, and has topless Kate holding her breasts with her hands. This settles it: They are real. Oh boy are they real.

  • avatar Jack says:

    Again, exceptionally good boob job, like Halle Berry’s and Kim Karadashians. FAKERS. Real breasts do not have that severe definition to them = the outline of the implant. Jesus, duh …


  • avatar SunGirl says:

    Some people get real fat liposuctioned from one part of their body where they dont want fat, and have it transferred to their breasts. Which looks very natural especially compared to a breast implant. I do speculate whether she might have had that done. It seems like a very logical explanation for maybe why she is so skinny everywhere else, but so unproportionality large on top.

  • avatar Jack Ketch says:

    Possibly, but I find her implants are similar to Kim Kardashian’s. It’s a very good boob job but a boob job nonetheless.

  • avatar CatWoman says:

    I believe that the shots with the body paint were pre boob job. She was smaller, then, and the way they lay, when she is on her side, they look natural. In the jiggly video, I believe they are bigger, and that she has had her enhancement prior to that cat walk, so now they are fake. She succumbed, as so many are, to the “bigger is better” idea. Too bad. She looked great, before.

  • avatar JC says:

    I come from a family of naturally curvy women. My own are 36DD’s and they are 100% real. I have always been accused of having fake ones by JEALOUS women who are trying to make themselves feel better. Sorry some of you ladies did not get blessed by mother nature.
    Anyway, today young American women are thicker and fuller with bigger breasts and butts. This is probably due to the hormones being injected in our food, LOL!
    Kate is all real and I am sorry for the rest of you ladies stuck with your FAKE ones 🙁

  • avatar Melissa says:

    No implants?!? That’s a big load of crap you can see circular outline of the bags she got put in in many pictures as well as the neat trick that REAL breasts make a ‘A’ like cleavage while fake make a “Y”… The smart thing that Kate Upton did with her implants is that she got tear drop shaped and a wide bag but didn’t fill it fully so that the top of her breasts are flattened by the weight of the fluid inside the implant. Who ever posted this article needs some serious LASIK surgery (to repair their vision), is in denial or has no knowledge of plastic surgery what so ever.

  • avatar Melissa says:

    Also, over the muscle. JC. I don’t have fake breasts and I have many peers whom are small framed but have large breasts (in one case she is a size 32F) and I still know that Kate Uptons breasts are not real. I have no problem is someone has big small fake or real breasts I just don’t like when people lie or assume and don’t know what they are talking about. I actually found out more of who Kate Upton is because a friend of mine is getting implants and was interested in getting them done like Kate’s because like I said before she got a wide bag , partially filled and over the muscle. Giving her a more natural looking implant but, a implant none the less.

  • avatar mike says:

    she is natural. She is a big girl. Mc Donalds girls all have big boobs. They are not firm enough to be fake..she’s real

  • avatar MR says:

    I’ve had a few breasts surgeries, and disagree with the girls. They look real. Though lately they appear bigger. I am not certain if she had gained weight or had surgery, but a gorgeous girl all around.
    I love how the men think the women are jealous if they said fake. Retards, lol. Fake or non, who cares!

  • avatar Chris says:

    I’m sure her parents are proud of this video. Fake, Fake, FAKE all the way–at a glance. Come on! Some of you are seriously moronic to think these are real just because they jiggle.

  • avatar Cat says:

    I agreed that they are real. When she lies down, they spread, implants do not do that. She can have shiny breasts because she is on the catwalk/in photos and they use body make-up as a matter of course. Having had implants (more fool me – and removed I may add) I know how they fall and how they move – the way Kate’s breasts move and the way they fall when she is lying down prove to me that she does not have implants. She is just a well-endowed, beautiful woman (yes they are rounded, this happens when you are young and have always worn a bra – mine were like that when I was her age – not so much now!)

    • avatar Jack Ketch says:

      The shine is NOT make-up; it’s from having an implant stuffed under the skin … she has the same type of implants as Kim Kartrashian, which also spread out when she lays down. Fakers. Don’t argue, lol

  • avatar Jaycee says:

    Just FYI:
    A lot more women today have real big ones! This is also the reason that more and more women are getting the reduction mammaplasty better known as the breast reduction surgury.

    • avatar iloveboobs says:

      Yes, women nowadays have bigger boobs. But with bigger boobs come with bigger waist and hips and butts.

      Women who said that they had naturally big boobs with slender body probably didn’t know what slender means. They most likely have their own definition of slender.

      And Kate Upton’s breasts are implants because she doesn’t appear to have much fat on her arms and legs and butts and even on her thick waist. How can there be so much fat on her breasts? Common sense!

      • avatar Jaycee says:

        In some cases big breasts are due to obesity.

        However, the actual breast grows due to the hormones which has nothing to do with weight gain. You need to do your research. There are several documentaries and medical websites that show small women with huge breasts because they have OVER ACTIVE hormones.

        I am not a fat woman. When I was a teenager I wore a 34C bra. My breasts looked huge on my small framed body.
        Now I am older and I wear a 36DDD bra and I’m constantly getting accused by ignorant people of having falsies.
        The doctor told me even if I lost weight my breasts would not lose weight because they are large due to the overactive hormonal growth and that my only option is to get a breast reduction. I have considered it because I am sick and tired of the stares, pointing and harrassment that I recieve from stupid ignorant people.

        My mother had huge breasts. So did my grandmother, sisters, aunts, and most of my female cousins. And we all have gotten riduculed for being naturally voluptuous women.

        I cannot tolerate dummies.

        • avatar Bill says:

          Getting a reduction because of what other people think? I can’t think of a worse reason. Be proud of the gift you have and strut your stuff. Why do you think so many women get implants? We’ve already determined that they are gorgeous. The hell with the jealous women.

          • avatar Jaycee says:

            Truth be told naturally large breasts can be quite heavy if they are on a woman who is not large. It can be a real strain for the back, neck, shoulders. The older a woman gets the heavier her breasts become because the breast wall wear down and her breasts will sag. Now that I am older they are causing me back problems. The constant stares don’t make it any easier.

  • avatar Bill says:

    Wow!!!!! People really go nuts over whether a woman has implants. Who the fuck cares? If you’re lucky enough to be born with big tits – great. If you’re not you need to get them – what’s the big deal? If she has them they’re way too small. A bigger girl like her needs, and would look so much better with, bigger tits. People relax, do you make a big deal when a woman dyes her hair, paints her nails, puts on lipstick? All of these things are what separates women from men and I’m glad of it. I love beautiful women. Just take a chill pill folks and enjoy her beauty without criticizing or trying to figure out this or that.

    • avatar Jessicajess says:

      Thank you so much for explaining everything that I wanted to, but couldn’t find the right words to. There are people with real boobs that look like that, and there are people with fake boobs that look like that. If they’re real, good for her! If they’re fake, who cares? She still has a pretty face and is a good model. I’m a skinny girl with normal sized boobs and I’m not at all jealous. I think she’s beautiful, but I don’t hate her! And neither should anyone else.

  • avatar Scarlet says:

    Look at the picture of the painted on bikini and some more recent pictures and you can tell that she has has something done!

  • avatar Brandy says:

    YUP!!!, Those are Store bought, Rubber Saline Implants. If you have eyes, then you can see. See what money can buy you. She has the “Look at me Men attitude”, I wonder, too, if she is wearing a Blonde Wig. It all equals to, “A Marilyn Munroe, want to be”, but can Never be Equation

    • avatar Jaycee says:

      Of course she has that “look at me attitude” because she is GORGEOUS!!! Pretty woman have the right to be proud and show off their beauty. They should not hide their prettiness whether it is real or fake just because they have to worry about jealous average looking or UGLY women. Don’t matter if her boobs are fake or real cuz they look great bouncing down that run way and on the cover of SI.
      Are her long legs fake?
      Is her flat stomach fake? What about her pretty smile?
      Say whatever you want about her but you cannot take anything away from her.
      That is her up there, and not you. People will remember her and know her name.
      Like my Grandmomma taught me, “The root of all jealousy is self hatred.” >:{

  • avatar Ralph says:

    Implants all the way!! I know MANY women who have had breast implants, put in. Today, cosmetic surgeons, are making a big profit off of breast implants. The implants are becoming more advanced in the texture and look of them, which are filled with salt water, natural looking, and that are more flexible to movements. Men, please look up “Breast ImplanT” SITES, there are many, for your review. There you will discover, the befores and afters. There you will see the real truth for your self. Believe me, there are ALOT of Cosmetic surgeons, and ALOT of women getting Breast Implants, to look exactly, what they see in magazines, which the breasts are FAKE, like Kate Uptons.

  • avatar Jack Ketch says:

    Thank you, Ralph. They’re as phoney as a $3.00 bill. Mind you it’s a good boob job but they’re fake. Shiny from having an implant stuffed under the skin, bulky on top and way too round, criteria that some people ignore. They look more real than most perhaps because she has enough body fat to cover up the implant outlines. But them’s fakers all the way !!

  • avatar Tia says:

    They look real to me. Yes, I am a girl. They look like mine, and I don’t have implants.

  • avatar Anne says:

    I went to high school with Kate and before she left she had a nose job, boob job, and gum surgery to get rid of her gummy smile. sorry but she’s fake all over

  • avatar Darrel says:

    Who cares if there real or not? I ain’t even mad bro. I’d get with that any day!!!!!

  • avatar JC says:

    Arguements like this make it hard for us NATURAL BOOBS WOMEN!!!
    EVERYWHERE I GO PEOPLE ACCUSE ME OF HAVING FAKE ONES JUST BECAUSE SO MANY WOMEN HAVE FAKE ONES. Mine are REAL!!! I have had these girls since I was in my early teens. Chiks were hating on me then. They would go buck wild with envy when it was time to get undressed for gym class.
    I will not apologize for having real ones to all you hating women.
    Sometimes I feel like taking my top off in public and proving to all those people that my boobs are real just so they can become even more jealous than they already are.
    The root of all jealousy is SELF HATRED.
    If your jealous of a woman cuz she is beatiful and has a nice body than it is only because you do hate yourself because you are not.
    Whether Kate Upton’s boobs are fake or real (imo they real) the point is she is more beautiful than most women in America. It is HER walking the run way, not you. It is HER on the cover of Sports Illustrated, not you.
    Don’t hate her cuz she is sooo beautiful, just continue to hate yourself cuz your not.

    • avatar Bill says:

      I love women like you. Everybody loves to criticize – especially the inferior ones.

      p.s. I’ll bet they’re gorgeous!!!

    • avatar Jessicajess says:

      Alrighty there girl, we get the idea, and I know some girls are just blessed with big boobs, but no need to go on a rant about how humongous you think your boobs are. I’m sure they’re real and that your a perfectly nice girl, but you sortof sounded like a jerk here. No-offense and I’m totally not hating on you. I was trying to find a way to say that without sounding mean. Sorry if I did.

  • avatar iknewher says:

    LMAO guys, I went to highschool with her. I was there when she first got signed to an agency. She was a friend of mine. And she was flat as a board. The agency told her she needed implants and she didn’t want them at all. But she ended up going through with it

  • avatar Jessicajess says:

    Her boobs very well should be real. Some people are just blessed with large boobs. She does have fat on her body like every other human being. (I am in NO way saying she’s fat, she’s a small waisted girl) The only reason that I think she may have implants is the roundness of her boobs is above adverage. The fact that her boobs are shiny could has nothing to do with weither or not they’re fake. I know that in bathing suit modeling, sometimes they use petroleum jelly to get a shiny skin-looking effect. I personally haven’t decided weither or not they’re real, but whatever. I also feel bad that Kate is famous mostly for her boobs. She’s a pretty girl, but every picture is solely about her boobs and you can see that. But either way, I’ve seen how she acts in interveiws and I still like her as a person.
    P.S. I’m a teenage girl so I know what having boobs is like

    • avatar Bill says:

      You are wise beyond your years. Don’t ever let petty jealously overtake you as you can see from this thread it is not an attractive quality.

  • avatar Einstein says:

    My ass Kate Upton is ‘voluptuous’….please…Nobody will care about this chick in 5 years. She’s had work done and it’s fairly obvious

  • avatar Icantdrive65 says:

    Real or not, she should seriously thing about a reduction.
    She would be so much hotter!!!
    Motorboating is way overrated!

    • avatar Bill says:

      This comment is about as dumb as the stories written by the idiots that publish this site. Maybe “it’s” looking for a job!

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