Madonna Needs To Stop With The Plastic Surgery


Dearest Madonna,
Look. We know that you like to date young latin men and we know that you are 50. That is all fine and dandy, but we also know that the mask that you are currently sporting on your face, is not actually your real face. In addition to looking bizarre and fake, your new face creeps me out and looks desperate. In closing, please stop having plastic surgery, Madonna. You used to be such a badass and it just shouldn’t go down like this.

Madonna <a href=Bad Plastic Surgery” title=”Madonnas Bad Plastic Surgery” width=”560″ height=”423″>

Initally, when Madonna first appeared with these bizarre new cheeks in 2008, we were hoping that she just had a bit too much filler injected and it would settle in nicely within a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, years later, her cheeks are still extremely over inflated, which leads us to believe that she actually got full-on cheek implants. If it wasn’t for the silly chipmunk cheeks, Madonna’s other plastic surgeries (brow lift, blepharoplasty, botox, lip injections) wouldn’t look nearly as bad, but all together, she’s looking severely overdone.

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