Stephanie Pratt Buys a New Face


And in more “pretty girl ruins face trying too hard to be sexy” news, here is Stephanie Pratt before and after blowing her reality show money on plastic surgery:

Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery

Stephanie Pratt is 25-years old and began appearing on the reality show “The Hills” alongside her brother Spencer Pratt in 2007. Shortly thereafter, Stephanie developed an eating disorder, which she says is the result of appearing along side her thinner Hills castmates. Unlike her douchey brother, Spencer Pratt, Stephanie was actually born beautiful, so why she decided to permanently change her face with plastic surgery is beyond me. Looks like she is desperately trying to keep up with the other Hills girls who have also gotten plastic surgery, in hopes of prolonging their “careers” in reality television.

More pictures of Stephanie Pratt before and after plastic surgery:

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  • avatar susan says:

    It’s weird how the ‘After’ picture was at the 2009 vmas and a picture of her at the 2010 vmas shows her looking much healthier and less plastic? Scraping the barrel?

  • avatar Stephanie says:

    OMG she was so beautiful before surgery and now its just gross. She didnt need to make that. I dont reconize her and i thing its a big mistake like Heidi Montag. The two of us was very pretty before the surgery i just dont believe it…

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