I Was Right About Dina…And More Aliana Lohan Pictures


Surprise, surprise. Dina Lohan is hitting the interview circuit and raking in the cash to talk about her daughter Ali’s “all-natural” new face. (Dina, you are so predictable…)

Here is Dina, explaining to Wendy Williams why Aliana looks like she’s had a boatload of bad plastic surgery:

So what does Ali have to say about her new look? Absolutely nothing. Dina is too busy talking about it and making money off of interviews trying to explain away the fact that her 17-year old daughter has obviously undergone some pretty terrible plastic surgery. Poor Aliana. She looks terrible and has her fame-whore mom to thank for it.

More pictures of Aliana Lohan at Dina’s birthday party over the weekend:

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  • avatar LRL says:

    What plastic surgery? She had no time to get any plastic surgery since being in California since April and her face looks like it usually looks except she’s much, much skinnier. Give the girl a break and stop spreading this stupid lie that may have a really bad impact on her career and personal self-esteem. She’s only 17.

  • avatar Nic says:

    Ummmmm yeah, she did have plastic surgery. Being anorexic/bulimic doesn’t change the bone structure in your nose you twit.

  • avatar Truth says:

    She seriously doesn’t look human. Looks like cheeks, nose and lips. Dina Lohan has created not only a raging addict of a daughter but now she has her very own Frankenstein!

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