Minka Kelly Is Not Hot Enough For Playboy


Minka kellyWhen Minka Kelly was 19-years old and trying to break into the Hollywood scene, she was approached by a former Playboy Playmate, who was interested in managing her. Minka’s new “manager” placed her in a job at a plastic surgeons office, where she was told to work in order to earn the things that would make her a Playboy Playmate: Breast implants, liposuction, veneers, nose job, etc.

According to Minka:

All I needed was lipo, fake breasts, a few veneers and all kinds of stuff,” the actress laughed.

If Minka had had all of the plastic surgery to become a Playmate, she most likely would already be washed up at 31-years old (like Shauna Sand, Victoria Silvstedt and most other Playboy Playmates over 25) Luckly, she resisted the temptation of plastic surgery and now the successful actress is starring in the upcoming ‘Charlies Angels’ TV show.

And now we know Playboy’s recipe for sexy:

To make a Playboy Playmate: Mix one (1) young impressionable woman with at least three (3) plastic surgery procedures. Bake well in a tanning bed. Serves thousands.



  • avatar Anja says:

    Cool to know she wasn´t weak to went under the hollywood knife 🙂

    I think she is pretty without any surgery

  • avatar rudemon says:

    Minka is naturally beautiful. It’s a gift from God Himself, pre-ordained while she was still in the womb. She needs Jesus, more than botox. What a tragedy that these starlets don’t realize pores are enlarged because they are screaming for oxygen! Instead, they get clogged up with all that make-up and crap, which when applied on a daily basis, makes the oil glands dry up and tells the body to apply more artificial “moisturizer”. The reproduction of new skin cells slows down exponentially.(normal repro is 50K everyday). The result…premature aging. Sad, very, very sad!

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