I’m not really the type to watch the “Wendy Williams” show, but was forced to when Dina Lohan was on the other day. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that Wendy Williams was a transgendered pornstar, but sadly I do know that Wendy Williams was actually born a women. Seriously though, girlfriend looks like a bionic transvestite!

Wendy Williams before and after plastic surgery:
wendy williams plastic surgery

It’s like Wendy took a picture of Beyonce, Mariah Carey, a porn star and a drag queen to a plastic surgeon, shoved a bunch of money down his pants and said, “Let’s do it”. Ain’t it the truth that money can’t buy class? Wendy Williams spent several hundred thousand dollars to look just as shallow and trashy on the outside as she is on the inside.

Wendy, who is 47-years old, has admitted to choosing liposuction over a healthy diet and exercise, having several boob jobs and a tummy tuck. According to Wendy:

Who the hell wants to diet and exercise when you can have liposuction. I didn’t want to wait. I wanted my new body now…Surgery gave me body acceptance. I say boola-boola to all you women out there who don’t care how you look. I was never comfortable being overweight. I always felt like a smaller woman trapped in that big body, waiting to be unleashed…

So not only is Wendy Williams vapid and trashy, she is also lazy…

Wendy has obviously also had work done on her face and you can see the difference before and after having a nose job, eye lift, cheek plumping injections and Botox. And as tired as all of the plastic surgery that Wendy has had is? Her lame tattoo that she got to cover up the tummy tuck and body lift scars is even worse. You can see it in all it’s glory here:

More Wendy Williams pictures before and after plastic surgery:

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  • avatar sonia says:

    Golly it looks like her arms are as big as her thighs now….ick

  • avatar Raze says:

    I couldn’t contain my laughter when one day I was at my parents’ house, and my dad called me into the other room staring confused at the T.V., beckoning: “Come here, come here! Is this a man or one of those ‘man lady’ things or what?”. And he was dead serious.

  • avatar Mel says:

    Ew. She sounds like a man too.

  • avatar guest says:

    She does not appear to have a nose job but instead a make-up artist that understands contouring and shading. Lipo and boob job, so what…many people opt for these procedures.

  • avatar wendysgirl! says:

    fuck all you haters! youre just mad that SHE can afford to make herself look better and YOURE stuck with your ugliness for life hahaha! go wendy baby i got your back!

  • avatar Nala says:

    How are we gonna judge her for getting lipo and other cosmetic surgery. If it helps her feel confidentt then why not. I think ppl hate on her because she used to be a drug attick whatever, and now she is a successful black woman…….idk why ppl have to hate on her she did it forherself….and I bet if we all had money like that we all would want to change something about ourselves….so quit being judgemental and be understanding.

  • avatar Me says:

    She’s on TV – that’s the way the industry works these days. Otherwise, she could be out of work. Some don’t feel they have a choice anymore either.

  • avatar oreo says:

    I think the slant she does as she looks down her nose at us makes it so much worse!

  • avatar kitty says:

    I think she looks like a man,I don’t like her show because she don’t like Beyonce and she talk about everybody but look at her, she’s 53 and wish she was young,I hate when talk about all the cute celebritities,like Rihanna,Chris brown,and Halley Berry,they probally will never come on her show.

  • avatar taylashe says:

    wendy dont listen to any of thouse comments you be your own person p.s. your bikin body is mmmmmmmmmmm woo your body is sexy

  • avatar Laura says:

    I think Wendy is great she is just like all of us don’t hate bitches anyway I think you look great girl how you doing

  • avatar Ben says:

    right on, Laura. Wendy is awesome, and the longer I watch, the more beautiful she becomes. howyoudoin’?!

  • avatar Unza says:

    I am not bothered with all the fake plastic as much as I’m bothered by her signature “how you doin’?” line. She stole it from an episode of Friends – Joey Tribianni coined it and the episode was about how Joey got all these girls when he did the “How ya doin’?” line with the hand gestures too. So, she should at least give Joey some credit (or the writers on Friends). Instead she uses it like it’s her own signature line. No wonder she never has any of the Friends actors on.

  • avatar dee says:

    yikes…much like dionne warwick, i can see wendy’s brain through her nostrils…not a button nose , but rather a pig nose!

  • avatar Ivelisse says:

    She one sent have anymore nose to remove.. She has 2 holes on her face to breath…. Why did she cut herself like that, I guess black people hate the way they look too..I thought I was the only one who doesn’t like them

  • avatar slick rick says:

    I would love to snuggle with Wendy and enjoy her wisdom. Don’t hate enjoy life.

  • avatar bernie says:

    she is a real piece of work, she looks like a transgender alian who came to earth! UGLYYYYYYYYYYY and she talks trash about everyone else except herself! she is the biggest piece of trash of them all, by the way breasts aren’t supposed to be bowling balls my god women, un do all that crap you look huidious

  • avatar Kitty says:

    I think Wendy Williams is a beautiful woman, and your just mean and hateful. People always want to put down others because obviously you have no life! If she wants plastic surgery, has the money to do it and is happy with her self, then more power to her! I hate when people spend their lives hatin on and putting others down! Go look in the mirror and criticize yourself!!!

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