Vladimir Putin Unveils New Face for 2012 Election


Vladimir is a former KGB spy turned politician and is currently the prime minister of Russia. Putin announced that he is running in the 2012 elections, which was anticipated, but what was not expected is that Putin decided to overhaul his face with the help of a plastic surgeon.

Vladimir Putin before and after plastic surgery:
vladimir putin plastic surgery

In an attempt to turn back the hand of time, it appears that 58-year old Putin has had a blepharoplasty (eyelift/bag removal), facelift and necklift. And, is that a spray tan, Vladimir? Seriously?

Personally, the new Vladimir is a little too shiny and fake looking for my taste. Plus, I just don’t get the popularity of plastic surgery with politicians now? I understand that they are in the public eye and want to look their best, but I want my political representative to look tired, like they have been slaving away late into the night solving the worlds problems, not like they spend their time getting plastic surgery and spray tans. Is it just me?

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