How Is A Topless Chaz Bono Legal?


Can someone tell me how exactly it is legal for Chastity “Chaz” Bono to walk around topless in public?

Chastity “Chaz” Bono taking a break from ‘Dancing with the Stars’ rehearsals:

Chaz Bono Topless

Yes, I know that she is taking hormones to grow a beard and had a double mastectomy to remove her breasts and legally changed her name to “Chaz”, but she is actually still a woman and has the vagina to prove it. So, how is it that she can walk around topless in public without getting arrested for indecent exposure? If a women is flat chested, it’s okay? Or if she’s pretending to be a man?

Chastity “Chaz” Bono is taking male hormones, had her breasts and uterus removed, but she still has her good ol’ vagina intact, therefore I would say that she is still a woman, right?

Chastity “Chaz” Bono before and after having a double mastectomy:

Chastity "Chaz" Bono Before and After

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  • avatar Lizzy says:

    You are completely ignorant. Perhaps you should read up on what is means to be transgendered.

    • avatar Laura says:

      Wow, what a cheap shot. So Chaz took off his shirt, big deal. I’m surprised that you wrote such a boring and unintelligent post.

    • There is no ignorance or “cheap shots” in asking how it is legal for Chaz Bono to be topless in public. It’s a legitimate question. It’s okay to go topless if you declare yourself transgendered and have had your breasts reduced? Or, can you simply declare yourself transgendered and walk around topless without getting surgery?

      • avatar Lizzy says:

        Yes it is ignorant. Legally Chaz is male which means you can legally be topless in the US.

        • Actually, Chaz is not legally a male. She has not had SRS surgery, which you have to do in order to legally become a male.

          I still don’t understand why stating the facts about someone and asking a question is so dramatic for everyone here “defending” Chaz. Chaz is transgendered. Big deal. It doesn’t bother me that she’s topless in public either. Simply wondering how/if that is legal…and from what I’ve found it’s not. This is also not that big of a deal to me. Simply satisfying a little curiosity, when the TG PC Brigade showed up. 😉

          • avatar Brah says:

            He’s not a female in any sense of the word, other than the fact that he has a vagina. I’m a girl, and I’m not going to walk around town topless saying, “It’s okay, I’m a transgender for today!” This isn’t a passing phase that he’s using just to walk around topless. Chaz had a mastectomy, there’s no breast tissue left there. He’s taking hormones, he has a beard for godsake. Chaz has been living as a man for years, and as far as I’m concerned he’s a man and can walk around shirtless as much as he pleases.

          • avatar Evita says:

            You were not “simply wondering if”, because the tone and word choice in your article go in a completely different direction. If you do feel you are being misunderstood, I suggest you consider the way your words can be read by your public before publishing them.
            However, just to throw in an interesting fact about sexual reassignment surgery, even though I personally don’t think sexuality/personality relate to a piece of meat between your legs (or lack thereof) in any way: I am not a legal expert as far as the USA are concerned, but – as far as I know – in many countries, including mine, the law requires MTF to complete their SRS with a vaginoplasty because of the average excellent surgical results, but FTM are not required to complete their SRS with a prosthetic penis because the results of such intervention are currently far from satisfactory, so FTM have an option to avoid substituting a functioning sexual/excretory organ with a problematic prosthesis. This might be enough of a good reason for Chaz to “keep her good ol’ vagina intact” even if the law requires otherwise in order to change F to M in his papers, don’t you think?

          • avatar Ariel says:

            and by the way you are dead wrong… California law does not require any surgery to change the gender marker on ones license and the gender marker on the social security card can be changed by court order and that also does not require SRS.

            Chaz Bono has been legally male since 7th May 2010. Before you make comments make sure you fact check them with even the slightest google search.


          • avatar hps says:

            Not every state or country requires you to have SRS before legally becoming male.

            Besides, your ignorance is shown through your passive-aggressive insistence on calling him female. You don’t want to accept Chaz as anything other than a confused woman, and that is the real issue here. I’m fairly sure that laws against exposure don’t concern sex, but rather appearance. If you don’t have breasts you are not exposing yourself indecently. Of course I’ve done no research on that, I’m just using common sense, which I know a lot of laws don’t do. And even if it is technically against the law for him to be topless, why does it matter? People technically break laws every day, it’s up to people to decide if something is wrong or not.

      • avatar Bia says:

        Umm, It IS a cheap shot and you ARE ignorant. At least own it and stop acting like you innocently posted this with no ill-intentions. You’re clearly a spineless, attention-seeking, plain old BITCHHHH. And that about covers it.

      • avatar Ariel says:

        First you refer to him as she and you make special note to call him chastity then begin this triade of transphobic nonsense.

        By you logic someone whom was male and now looks totally female but still has male genitalia could walk around naked cause in your limited view gender is purely what between your legs…

        Gender is not between your legs and taboos like women no being able to show their breasts and men being able to show theirs is a purely social construct it has no medical relevance. Men have nipples and have underdeveloped but still present mammary glands. A male to female transgendered person can even lactate. Some else-wise perfectly normal non transgendered men grow breasts (gynecomastia)

        The answer why is because the dis-symetry of men being able to go topless is a social construct and gender is not between the legs it’s between the ears it is a mental state and thus also social. Chaz has moved from one social class / group (female) to a different one (male) and he gets treated like a male as he should be.

        Someone that runs a site about plastic surgery should be better educated on a condition that is treated by plastic surgery.

    • avatar Torrez says:

      This shit is just nasty to look at, on ALL levels! Period.

  • avatar Rizzo says:

    Chaz is what is known as transgendered. It is a psychological gender assignment that usually happens in early pubescence. Once the child identifies as a particular gender while being physically another, then they are often in an “intersexual” phase until gender reassignment (which costs upwards of $40,000 and takes decades to “complete”). It is only proper that Chaz be recognized as a man, because he identifies himself as such. Therefore, it is completely legal for Chaz to walk around without a shirt in a public outdoor space as genetic males are.

    For information on this process please visit:

  • avatar Rizzo says:

    also, at least he doesn’t have man boobs! lol

  • avatar Laura says:

    Rizzo, thank you for your excellent reply to this ridiculous post.

    Famous Plastic, I live in a city where nudity is legal and naked boobies are the least of law enforcement’s worries. Since you are so terribly concerned that the law might have been broken, maybe you should alert the police in Chaz’s area to check every shirtless guy’s junk. You know, just to make sure that no one is breaking the law by exposing their (gasp!) female breasts.

  • avatar el says:

    So what, should have posted what Melanie Griffiths looks like instead.

  • avatar Evita says:

    This is the worst junk I’ve read in years.
    Sure, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. However, opinions based on prejudice and mockery of those who are not like you are completely worthless.
    It is fairly clear to me that you didn’t write this article in a bout of victorian prudery, covering your eyes before the indecent exposure of morally dangerous lady parts. You just wanted to make fun of what you think is a freak of nature, probably thinking your readers will support you. It seems you were wrong 🙂

  • avatar Tina says:

    This was really bad taste and I don’t understand how this has anything to do with overdone plastic surgery, which is what this site mostly posts about. I’m the first to admit that I check this site very frequently despite it being a questionable form of entertainment. This post hit a new low and wont be returning. Definitely got over my bad plastic surgery website addiction, so I should probably thank you for that.
    But PLEASE check in with yourself before posting next time, maybe you can learn how to differentiate between people who purposely ruin themselves with plastic surgery or when someone is just being who they are.

    And please, learn the difference between “Woman” and “Women”, singular and plural.

  • avatar Catherine H. says:

    I support FP’s “prejudice.” Chastity “Chaz” Bono is, was, and always will be a woman, no matter how much she mutilates her body. She is a deeply conflicted and unhappy woman who needs kindness and help, but that does not change the facts. Also, the kindness she needs should not include enablers who encourage her to cut off/out parts of her natural body in order to support her delusions that she can be a man. She needs to learn to be happy with the skin she was born in.

    • avatar Ariel says:

      Gender identity disorder has been shown to be a result of the sexually dimorphic portions of the brain getting the wrong wash of hormones during the early development of the brain in the womb. Transsexuals literally have the wrong brains and love and understanding etc will not change the fundamental structure of somones brain. To post such a pointless and uneducated comment shows you know nothing about the science involved.

      Are you more educated then….. The American Medical Association, The American Psychological Association and The National Association of Social Workers?

      All of those organizations with all of their research medical knowledge and Doctorates support the process of transition for transgendered persons and openly refute the idea that Gender Identity disorder can be prayed, loved or aversion therapy methods away.

      Your uneducated opinion flies directly opposite of medical science.

    • avatar Ariel says:

      Also followup question do you think that children born with cleft pallet / lip should be happy with the body their born into? No?

      What about people that are born with androgen insensitivity syndrome? They are born with male genitals and XY genes but no matter how much testosterone they are given they will begin to develop female secondary sexual characteristics… (breasts, female proportions and shape) they will never look male.

      Some women are born fully female looking externally in every way the develop breasts look identical to any girl yet they have a vagina but no womb and malformed Ova-testis. Oh and they are XY genes. They are called XY females by doctors and scientists.

      Should they be happy in their skin?

      • avatar Sara says:

        The short answer is: Yes. They should be happy in their skins. Why shouldn’t people be happy or at least content with the way they were born? Because people like you think that having a cleft pallet is gross or unsightly? Just because “medical science” will happily profit off of cutting off and sewing on pretend body parts to people doesn’t change anything inside of them. The fact that this makes you and the rest of America more comfortable is the real problem.

        • avatar Ariel says:

          So you feel the same about the xy females? What about congenital heart defects they shouldn’t have those repaired either? Should we let people die of preventable diseases? Where do you draw the line? If it can be fixed fix it. Also no ones sewing anything on to them lol, you obviously need to do more research.

          A person born with a female brain is female we are defined by our minds not our bodies. The mind is the important part and if the surgery brings harmony why not?

          Like I said before people that are experts in science medicine and psychology believe the surgeries are medically necessary and indicated. Including to name a few… The American Medical Association, The American Psychological Association and The National Association of Social Workers. These are people with doctorates that know more about the mind and body then most people ever will and were talking organizations with hundreds of thousands of members.

          The American Medical Association alone has 240,000+ members. I think I’m going to trust a quarter of a million doctors opinions over yours.

  • avatar robbie says:

    Perfectly said, Evita.

  • avatar grady says:

    i aggree with lizzy, keep your opinion to yourself

  • avatar cruzilla says:

    Agree with all those people who say this post shows soooo much ignorance on your part. You are incredibly small-minded.

  • avatar anon says:

    This is one of the most ignorant posts I’ve seen on this site, and there have been quite a few in that department. It makes me happy to see how many famousplastic readers agree with me. Gives me hope in humanity. However, there are some commenters above who might want to educate themselves on what gender dysphoria is.

  • avatar Okay says:

    I find people’s responses to this post all kinds of ironic.

  • avatar AJ says:

    At the end of the day this was a very transphobic and mean spirited post. I think it was supposed to be meant as a joke but the message came in loudly that being mean to people isn’t the same as being funny.

    To whomever writes this blog, I think it’s too bad that you haven’t yet swallowed your pride and just apologized.

    ~AJ in Canada

  • avatar Michelle says:

    I can honestly see why this question might occur to someone. ‘Chaz is technically a female, so doesn’t that technically make it illegal for ‘her’ to be topless?’ But to go on and blog about something you mused in your head like that and not expect a ‘TG PC Brigade’ attack is quite silly. These are questions better left in your head.

  • avatar K says:

    “But to go on and blog about something you mused in your head like that and not expect a ‘TG PC Brigade’ attack is quite silly. These are questions better left in your head.”

    Blog about whatever you want, and don’t let the PC brigade intimidate you with their accusations of ignorance.

    • avatar Ariel says:

      Definition of IGNORANCE
      : the state or fact of being ignorant : lack of knowledge, education, or awareness

      Famous is lacking in knowledge because apparently famous was not aware Chaz is 100% legally male and has been since may 2010. (something you can find with a 10 sec google search)

      Famous is obviously ignorantly unaware that it is beyond rude to go out of your way to call a person that has legally changed their name and gender by their old name and old gender and to put their now current name in quotes as if to delegitimize it. It’s also been categorized as possible harassment in court cases to do such things.

      When a woman gets married and changes names you don’t say Mrs. “smith”

      Famous is uneducated on how both the law and socialization of gender in this country works or famous would not have asked “how is this legal”

      If the shoe fits….. well I’d say matching every possible dimension of the word ignorant would fit.

  • avatar Anna says:

    fp, you are an incredibly small-minded, mean spirited individual and I am considering not ever coming to this site again knowing it’s run by a transphobic imbecile.

  • avatar B says:

    Sixth grade sex ed instruction: ” Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina “.. any questions class…

  • avatar Gloria says:

    There is nothing I can say that Ariel and others haven’t already said and better than I could. I just wanted to add how disgusted I am that FP posted this hateful piece of shit. I really hate to use the word ‘ignorant’ as I feel it’s been over-used to the point of loosing it’s meaning. I will instead say that the writer of this prejudicial post is a clueless, abhorrent cunt of the highest order.

    I will now go and delete this site from my favorites as I will not be back. Go fuck yourself.

  • avatar B says:

    No, that is not all I know on the subject, however that is the basic brass tacks of the issue stated in the simplest terms. Chew on this logic and see what you come up with…If Chaz is “legaly” a male, yet is still equiped with the vagina she was born with and commits a crime that sends her to prison, where does she end up? Does she get sent to a male prison or one for females? I don’t really know, but I have a feeling she would end up with the gals due to her still owning her “original factory equipment.”

    • avatar jbee24 says:

      Good post. So is she using my bathroom or her bathroom?

      It’s funny how she probably was coaxed to taking off her shirt so I can physically throw up to see her flab. She knows not the first of being discreet. If you want to cut things off and call yourself whatever, don’t throw it in my face.

      I dont wanna see that crap!

  • avatar jbee24 says:

    At the end of the day you can tie, cut off, plaster, burn, tape, glue, hack off as many body parts as you want. You are still born with the parts you have.

    She has a Va Jay Jay and it aint going no where.

    She has mental issues and needs help.

  • avatar Mary says:

    Chaz Bono is a woman. A multilated woman for sure, but a woman.

  • avatar OliviaRose says:

    This post kind of surprised me. What do you care if this person is walking around topless?? It’s obviously a cheap shot at a transgender person. Really a dumb joke actually. Yes, it is interesting to see the body transformation, but I don’t see it as a joke or anything to poke fun off. Pretty tasteless on your part.

  • avatar tarheelbybirth says:

    regardless if chaz is truly a man or a woman who cares. His mastectomy surgery went very well indeed. Cant even see the scars…

  • avatar Newbie says:

    I found all of this stuff said educational. I personally learned a lot and I don’t think anyone is in the wrong. I never thought about being topless and what the ramifications would be. Most Americans would agree that male sexed and female sexed have their own taboos, but gender and sex are bigger than male and female.
    I think the worst think is to keep questions to yourself. How do we ever know anything is right or wrong if we were never fully shown, taught any different. Maybe not the best bedside manner but tactful and I find it refreshing.
    My question, if anybody is still reading this, can females walk around in public somewhere is america and it be legal? Besides nude beaches, can I go without a shirt, seriously?

    • avatar Ariel says:

      “Some places in North America permit females to be topless in public on an equal basis to males, and limit indecent exposure laws to exposure of genitals. States which permit toplessness for both sexes include the California coast, including Black’s Beach and Santa Cruz,[40] Colorado,[41] Hawaii ,[42] Maine,[43] New York,[44] Ohio[45] and Texas.[46]”

      “Some cities, localities and events permit female toplessness, including

      **Austin, Texas (as in the rest of the state)
      **Eugene, Oregon
      ***Oregon Country Fair
      **Lucy Vincent beach in Chilmark on Martha’s Vineyard
      **Portland, Oregon[47]
      **South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida
      **Key West, Florida
      ***Fantasy Fest
      **New Orleans, Louisiana
      ***Mardi Gras
      **Washington, D.C.[48]
      **Columbus, Ohio (as in the rest of the state)

  • avatar Say wha--? says:

    *sigh* This site is a virtual tabloid for plastic surgery and people are up in arms about this? Is this at all surprising? So I assume the complainers are random people who just HAPPENED to find this site by Googling Chaz Bono. It’s all fair and fun when the topic is someone else, though, right? Funny how people get all PC when it suits them.

  • avatar Penelope says:

    For your future benefit, and to potentially save you (and all those others who agreed with your post) from any further future embarrassment:

    Transgendered people should be addressed by the pronoun in accordance with the gender they are identifying themselves as. (That is of course if you are interested in treating a fellow human being with respect)

    It is not “illegal” for women to be topless everywhere, as there are in fact places in the US where women can be topless anywhere men can. New York City happens to be one of these places.

    It’s fine, as a writer, to put whatever you want out there and express your opinions however you want, as long as you are prepared for the dialogue that gets created as a result. But don’t be condescending and bigoted and claim you were merely “curious”. The correct information was at the tips of your fingers, and you refused to look. You weren’t curious. You were looking for a platform for your insidious hate.

    This is the first time I’ve visited your site, and it will be the last.

  • avatar Tu Tu says:

    the easiest way to understand the complexities that are the transgendered is simply this – respect a person’s right to self-identify. if chaz still has a vagina – so what! if he decides to self-identify as a man – then respect his right to do so and call him a man. not only has his name legally changed, but is gender has as well. with that said – it’s perfectly ok for a MAN to go topless. remember… there are other gender identities besides heterosexual and homosexual(more orientation than identity)- and it is called transgendered.
    “The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.” – Wayne Dyer

  • avatar Grant Spatchcock says:

    Chaz identifies as a man. He may have still had a vagina at the time of this photo, but the only time I imagine that being a problem would be if he were flashing said vagina in public. I’m sure a large portion of your websites audience is the GLBTI community, and I’m sure that, like myself, they are disappointed in you showing your discomfort with our community.

  • avatar Jennifer Matthews says:

    I personally think it shouldn’t be illegal for women to be topless either. The funny thing to me is that a woman’s nipples have to be covered, but the thing that makes our breasts different from men is not the nipples . It’s the bulge beneath the nipple that is different, but that can show. Weird!

  • avatar Grant Spatchcock says:

    Wow, I’m so disappointed in some people, and very proud of others right now after reading this. I honestly thought we had grown up a little to understand that life isn’t always black and white.

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