Khloe Kardashian Wears Padded Panties


Is Khloe Kardashian Odom in the market for butt implants? She recently stepped out in New York wearing a silky jumper that revealed her padded panties and hip enhancers.

khloe kardashian padded panties

It’s common practice for someone considering plastic surgery to take their implants for a test run, in order to decide on the size that they would like. So has Khloe fallen prey to the Kardashian Kurse (“They said if I got more ass, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ would continue on for another season! To the ass doc!”), or did we just get a peek at her unmentionables? Padded panties and hip enhancers are becoming more popular with Generation Bootilicious.

While Khloe’s padded panties look lumpy and weird under her silky jumper, they look much more believable when she wears them with jeans. Here’s Khloe with and without her padded panties:

khloe kardashian <a href=butt implants“>

Do you think Khloe will end up getting the more permanent butt implants, or is she content with her go-go-gadget fake booty?

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  • avatar mr.ed says:

    An extra bag of chips with the evening TV session should do this without any much effort, and fast, too!

  • avatar Yolka says:

    i think the same… just +5 extra kg…. besides you can see cellulite through her jumper… they just have such genes.. i think all of them.

  • avatar Michelle says:

    This is ridiculous. She isn’t wearing anything but ill-fitting underwear. Her hips and ass look the same as they always do.

  • avatar ja sassy says:

    why do they lie about a butt, so ridiculous, funny how the 2 that have black men lie about their fake butts.. get a life fakers, I knew her sponge bob square pants butt was fake.

  • avatar ja sassy says:

    khloe says it runs in the family… WHERE.. not the mother not kourtney,, just the 2 that have black men her and kim… what a bunch of fake liars,, who lies about a butt? especially when there are pictures out there of your butt flat… khloes butt before was wide and flat.. how do you lose weight and get a round stuck out booty from wide and flat,,we all know the butt is the first to go when you lose weight??????

  • avatar ja sassy says:

    ill fitting underwear my big toe,, you can see the butt pad in that black jumper!

  • avatar j a sassy says:

    khloe is so fake just .like kim.. they lie about their butts..WHY .. WHy is so important to lie about your butt especially when we have seen older pictures of both of them with flat can you lie like that? She says it runs in the I said ok well it must have ran right past her family because the only to with the big bootys are the 2 that have black men. yeah right khloe..even on the picture above you got on booty pads and your butt id flat!LIAR

    • avatar Lola says:

      You seriously need to have your issues sorted out. Its not healthy.

      • avatar j a sassy says:

        I don’t need a damn thing thing sorted out,, the truth is the light and you can trot and gallop on out of my business.. TROLL! I will say it again.. her A$$ is fake as a 3 dollar bill! NOW!

  • avatar j a sassy says:

    a test run.. lol.. stop making excuses for women that fake their butts… a test run .. its clear she has a fake butt.. test one or not!

  • avatar Yazmini says:

    How ridiculous and stupid it makes her look! Does she think people are stupid and will never find out?! Just like the whole family – no values, no morals and prefer to lie to everyone saying ‘this runs in the family’ instead of shutting up and feeling embarrased for that crappy ass she’s got!!! Khloe, if you ever read this, i think you are the crappiest woman i’ve ever seen, the second and third places go to the gang of plastics in your family! You will never be as classy as Angelina or Julia Roberts, Beyonce or many others we know!

  • avatar Cc says:

    Of course she knows ppl are going to notice. That’s why they do it, so ppl will talk.

  • avatar Me says:

    I wonder why no one has ever confronted Kardashian/Kylie Jenner with before pictures of their wide flat backsides,smaller boobs and flat lips compared to their now deformed fake backsides,huge boobs and overinflated lips.the proof is on the videos and pictures only Kourtney has admitted to a boob job and yet Kourtney still has her real backside and her real face.Out of Jenners Kendall is still natural and hopefully stays that way.Rob hasn’t had anything done.It’s sad that the majority of Kardashian/Jenners walk around pretending they actually have natural body and faces.

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