Real Housewife Vicki’s Plastic Surgery After Divorce


Vicki Gunvalson, from “The Real Housewives of Orange County”, recently had a “plastic surgery pick me up”, after divorcing her husband of 15 years.

Vicki Gunvalson Plastic Surgery

Vicki spent nearly $8000 on Botox, laser treatments, fillers and liposuction (or “body sculpting” as they are trying to call it now…Either way, she got a bunch of fat sucked out of her gut and thighs). Vicki then sold her story to In Touch Weekly, where they tried to sensationalize her “life changing plastic surgery”. Remember when the term “life changing plastic surgery” was reserved for people whom had been horribly disfigured in an accident, or a child born with a cleft lip? Well now, rich aging housewives are turning their lives around with Botox and lipo…Hurray!

Vicki Gunvalson before and after plastic surgery:
Vicki Gunvalson Before/After Plastic Surgery

I can understand feeling insecure about your looks re-entering the dating pool at 49-years old, but I think Vicki could have done without the fillers and liposuction. A little Botox and laser treatments would have left her looking rested and refreshed, but the filler has her looking puffy and chipmunk-like. The liposuction is just pointless and lazy if you ask me. Go to the gym already. Maybe that is where you will meet your next boyfriend!



  • avatar Pan says:

    Going to the gym to stay healthy is great. But there comes an time when a woman can´t lose more body fat without significantly aging her face, and at 49, Vicki is there. Vicki has a long angular face, which means she has to keep more bodyfat (20 to 25%) than a rounder-faced woman to look younger. The truth is, at that age you have to make a choice. A slim body or a young face… or you can use plastic surgery to get around that dilemma:

  • avatar casey says:

    somebody should tell her that all the lipo, botox, and injections in the world cant fix ugly. she’s still an ugly moose

  • avatar johnny says:

    Jesus H C—– she should sue her plastic surgeon, judging by how bad she looks she most have gone to Tijuana ,I do not see how she could make her self any uglier, but the flip side of the coin at least she does not have to worry about Halloween, as she scares the hell out of me now just looking at her pictures, now I am going to have mental therapy just to get her horrifying image out of my mind, now I am scared for life

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