Ashley Tisdale Finally Bought New Boobies


Ashley Tisdale has wanted breast implants for years and it appears that she finally took the plunge and got herself some shiny new breast implants. Ashley was hanging out in Miami last weekend and her bikini could barely contain her newly enhanced chest.

Ashley Tisdale before and after breast implants:ashley tisdale breast implants 2011

While I hate to see girls this young getting boob jobs, Ashley did a really good job of picking a size that fits her body. It appears that she went from an A-cup to a B-cup and once they settle in, they will look totally natural on her.

Ashley is no stranger to plastic surgery and had an unfortunate nose job back in 2008, which is when whispers of her wanting breast implants also started.

More pictures of Ashley Tisdale’s new “girl-friends”:

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  • avatar SAH says:

    She did a good job with her Rhino and the boob job isn’t over the top. HOWEVER, Pullleeeezzzzeee, Ashley – get a different bikini style!!!

    Bandeau style tops are a friend of the boobless… but a great enemy of boobed women (natural or not) around the world. PLEASE Ashley, if you buy a new figure, buy new clothes that compliment it. Try a halter style bikini top. Even the classic triangle string bikini would look great on her since her boobs are fake and not too big. That bandeau top is HORRIBLE. Absolutely HORRIBLE. If she is so insistent on wearing a Bandeau top, she shouldn’t have gotten implants. Any boobed woman will tell you Bandeau bikinis are for micro boobies.

  • avatar Bill says:

    Why bother? From an A to a B? You still have nothing up there. If you’re going to get a boob job then get some tits. A total waste of the surgeon’s time.

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