Mariel Hemingway Regretted and Removed Breast Implants


Actress Mariel Hemingway is speaking out against plastic surgery decades after a leaky silicon breast implant compromised her health:

* Video removed because of annoying autoplay – You can view it here if you’d like. *

Mariel, who is now 49-years old, had breast augmentation surgery when she was barely 20 and the silicon implants began leaking silicon into her body and bloodstream. Mariel was lucky enough to have the problem successfully treated, and she smartly decided to get rid of the implants.

After viewing the video of Mariel Hemingway above, it also looks like she underwent rhinoplasty surgery many years ago. She has that look of a nose that is entirely too small and “perfect” that was the standard issue nose job in the 80’s. What do you think?

Mariel Hemingway before and after plastic surgery:

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