Lindsay Lohan Fixed Her Teeth


After being photographed on the red carpet with brown, chipped teeth, Lindsay Lohan immediately went out and had cosmetic dentistry.
Lindsay Lohan Fixes Bad Teeth
Lindsay was horrified when the pictures of the shocking condition of her teeth hit the internet and she immediately scheduled a dental appointment to fix coverup the problem. Judging from the picture she posted of her new smile, it looks like she got a full set of veneers. (On a side note, why do all veneers look the same? Lindsay had those cute little fangs before and now she has totally different shaped teeth. Can’t a cosmetic dentist restore a smile rather then replacing it with something totally different?)

Lindsay Lohan’s dad said that the poor condition of her teeth is the result of smoking meth and/or crack out of a glass pipe. According to Michael Lohan:

She’s smoking either crack or meth, one or the other. I’m not going to shade it.

Oh well, at least her fake lips are in good company with her new fake teeth. Lay off the crack, Lindsay, I bet those shiny new teeth were expensive!

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