Snooki Wants Breast Implants Because Natural Boobs are Annoying


Snooki recently appeared on The Wendy Williams show, where she revealed that she wants to have plastic surgery. Why does Snooki want breast implants? Because she thinks that natural boobs are “annoying”.

According to Snooki:

Well my boobs are great, but um, when you lay down, you know if you have natural boobs, they go to the side and it’s annoying. And I always want them to just stay there.

When pressed as to if she’s going to go under the knife, Snooki revealed that she’s too scared to have plastic surgery:

I really want to get my boobs done but I’m scared. Because you know, like, when you hear those stories that you are under anethesia and that you feel everything but you can’t say anything? I’m scared that is going to happen to me.

You can watch more of Snooki’s Wendy Williams interview below, but I swear to god, listening to this girl talk has been linked to increased stupidity, which is why I was nice enough to simply quote her above for you (Think of it as a sort of brain condom…).

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  • avatar From Tokyo says:

    If anything, she needs a top lip. I’m out of touch on what’s going on over there; surprised they’re still famous. Seems like it’d be boring to watch, and I’ve never been THAT bored. :o/

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