Seth Macfarlane’s Hollywood Makeover


I was recently suckered into watching the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen (it was as bad as I was expecting. I mean, come on, what hasn’t already been said about Charlie Sheen…He likes hookers, blah blah blah, cocaine, blah blah Tiger’s blood, blah, winning, blah, blah, your a shitty dad, yay!), and as bad/boring as the roast was, I was drawn to the frozen, orange face of the host, Seth Macfarlane. Seth is a comedian and the creator of the popular television show “The Family Guy”, but I find his face too distracting to find his jokes funny. I do, on the other hand, find his “Hollywood Makeover” slightly hilarious.

Seth Macfarlane before and after his Hollywood Makeover:

Seth Macfarlane Hollywood Makeover

I immediately noticed Seth’s overly Botoxed forehead, that is highlighted by his Oompa Loompa orange tan, but after pulling some older photos of Seth Macfarlane, there is more to his Hollywood makeover. In addition to the Botox and spray tans, Seth’s has also had a chin implant, cosmetic dentistry and body waxing.

Seth Macfarlane before and after getting a chin implant:

seth macfarlane chin implant

I’m all for taking care of yourself and being a little metro is okay, but when you are trying this hard to change your appearance, well, you’re just trying too hard. If you squint, have a couple of drinks and have not seen the “before” pictures, Seth does look better in photos, but in real life, he looks frozen and a little bit desperate.

Here’s Seth Macfarlane’s new Hollywood face in action:

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  • avatar susan says:

    where the fuck did you get that he had a chin implant? i think he looks fine.

  • avatar cc says:

    he has just lost weight and his double chin, no chin implant!!

    definitely botox though

  • avatar sdfsdf says:

    The guy has everything the article describes. I saw an article with his photo and the first thought that jumped into my head was, “Christ, has this guy got a chin implant?” Many sources, with before and after photo proof, prove my suspicion correct. Ugh…the guy is officially unfuckable.

  • avatar Brah says:

    I don’t think he got a chin implant, he just lost weight. In the before picture he has a double chin, now he doesn’t, making it look more defined.

  • avatar Blake says:

    Thats bull. You can see on youtube a vid he made in college around age 19. Same face.

  • avatar spookie says:

    If you don’t think he had a chin/jaw implant then you’re blind. Dude has gotten “the works.” More power to him for shaping himself into what he wants to be.

  • avatar James says:

    He sort of looked like shit before, so whatever.

  • avatar SAH says:

    His face has been bugging me more and more for a couple of years. It almost seem like he’s done even more stuff than what is listed above – possibly eyelid lift, or a mini facelift w/the forhead botox, and maybe even a subtle rhino, or maybe something with his hairline… there is lots going on here.

    And of course there is also the obvious chest and neck waxing which is not mentioned above, this was actually the #1 improvement (and more of a grooming thing) he made after that I’d say the tan and teeth work are the only other things which improved him.

    IDK, something is wrong with his face. Whatever he has done surgically looks really freaky… He’s starting to cross the line into Nicolas Cage territory, and from there it is a slippery slope down to Bruce Jenner, and finally to unrecognizable freak Mickey Rourke.

    MacFarlane has done enough stuff to his face to put himself in that group. Good luck to him, if he keeps it up it will be scary in no time.

  • avatar hmmm says:

    I dunno about the chin implant, but everything else, yeah.

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