Reese Witherspoon Has The Crazy Botox Face


Reese Witherspoon tried her best to give the paparazzi her “angry” face, but if I was Reese, I would be more angry at the doctor that gave her that botch Botox job.

Reese Witherspoons botched Botox forehead:
Reese Witherspoon Crazy Botox Face

Botox can be used sparingly and skillfully for a much more natural effect, but in Reese’s case, a large portion of her upper face is totally, oddly paralyzed. The result of Reese’s “angry face” looks like she’s pissed off…and has the center of her forehead pressed up against a window? Reese should either lay off of the Botox, or never try to convey the emotion of anger using her face.

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