Extreme Plastic Surgery – Jessica Rabbit Lips? Elf Ears?


Remember back in the good ol’ days when people would have plastic surgery to try and look like their favorite celebrity? Angelina Jolie’s lips, Halle Berry’s cheek bones and Natalie Portman’s nose are just a few commonly requested body parts in plastic surgery centers around the world. Nowdays people are taking plastic surgery to the extreme and literally asking to look like cartoon characters.

Kristina Rei had plastic surgery to look like a cartoon

Russian woman, Kristina Rei (above), has spent over $8000 on painful lip injections in her quest to look like Jessica Rabbit. She admits she is addicted to the injections and endures ridicule from strangers on the street, but Kristina wants to make her lips even bigger.

Kristina Rei before and after plastic surgery

According to 22-year-old Kristina:

I want to go more extreme. I want to look like a cartoon character. I am addicted to it, I love it.

Kristina had her first round of lip injections at the age of 17 and is saving up for additional plastic surgery, such as breast implants, rhinosplasty surgery and she would also like to have her ears surgically altered and pointed like an elf. Yeah. No joke.

The result of surgery to create pointed “elf” ears:Elf Ear Plastic Surgery

As with most technologies, plastic surgery is getting more advanced, cheaper and is made available to just about anyone with a credit card and a crazy idea. Sadly it seems that what plastic surgeons are missing as they make leaps and bounds in advanced techniques is a simple question of ethics. I’m just curious as to where and when the line is going to be drawn. You can get cheek implants on your forehead, breasts bigger then beachballs, you can give your kid liposuction, you can cut off portions of your toes, but you can’t lop off your foot? Who exactly is making up the rules here?

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  • avatar Pat says:

    Just goes to show you, doctors will do anything for a buck.

  • avatar Marija says:

    I want those elf ears 🙂

  • avatar mscharlie says:

    Men and woman that once looked normal are litterly rearranging there faces (with actual money) to look like circus freaks. Do they honestly think that they are looking good.

    • avatar Skye says:

      They do think they’re good looking at the beginning, but when the reach 30 and grow out of mythical things, they take a look in the mirror and regret their decision in later life.

  • avatar iam agreewithU says:

    make me vomit ow

  • avatar Chippy says:

    She was beautiful before. Now she’s just ruined herself.

  • avatar Rud says:

    her lips is not the only “extreme” thing she’s doing about herself. a few months ago i saw her (i did not know at the moment that it was her) at one of Moscow airports. my only desire was to get blind and not to see THIS. and what is perhaps more terrifying is that you can’t help looking at her beauty.
    Some weeks ago i saw her again in St.Petersburg, sitting at the next table in a restaurant. farewell, my appetite…

  • avatar Tangie says:

    so…. they woke up the morning after and was just like… “damn…. i’m the shit i look good”

    TRAGIC REALLY…cause they loose stupid.

  • avatar Tangie says:


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