Marie Osmond’s Overdone Plastic Face


Marie Osmond made an appearance as Grand Marshal at the 80th Anniversary Hollywood Christmas Parade over the weekend, unveiling a new “look” that left many scratching their heads. For me, it was more of a “who the heck is that and what happened to his face?”, but I suppose if you knew this was Marie Osmond 3.0, you would probably just be wondering why she looks nothing like her former self. Well, it appears that Marie Osmond has totally redone her face and has had WAY too much plastic surgery.

Marie Osmond before and after plastic surgery:
marie osmond plastic surgery

Marie Osmond has had plenty of plastic surgery through out the years, and it appears that she had the botched facelift that she had in 2008 revised, lowering those sky-high eyebrows back to a more human placement.

Marie Osmond’s botched facelift:
marie osmond botch facelift browlift

And while the face lift revision is an improvement, Marie just couldn’t stop there and went overboard with ghastly lip plumping injections, filler injections, Botox and what appears to be another nose job. The 52-year old singer no longer looks anything like her original self and the results of her latest plastic surgeries is truly shocking.

More pictures of Marie Osmond:

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  • avatar mscharlie says:

    these people need to stop already. growing old is a process that (if we live) we all have to go through. some people age gracefully and some don’t. I can understand dying your hair, and removing crows feet (there gross), but c’mon looking like a “freak” isnt gonna stop the aging process. your just gonna look like an aging freak.30

  • avatar Daffygrams says:

    she didn’t need anything done!!

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