JWoww Continues to Lie About Her Plastic Surgery


Jwoww is continuing her crusade to deny/deflect rumors that she has had a ton of plastic surgery on her face this year. She recently appeared on the Wendy Williams show where she stated that she wishes that she could have a plastic surgeon inspect her face on television as to dispel the rumors that she’s had work done.

Jwoww before and after plastic surgery:jwoww plastic surgery lips botox filler

Well, JWow, you can have a plastic surgeon inspect your face on national tv, but you won’t, because you would just be embarrassing yourself (unless you paid the plastic surgeon to say what you want him to say).

Here is a clip from the show, where JWoww fights hard through the Botox to look surprised and shocked that people would think she’s had plastic surgery on her face:

The truth of the matter is that Jwoww’s face looks totally different then it did last year, and it has little to do with the 15lbs she is claiming she lost. In her denial, I think Jwoww is trying to work that grey area of cosmetic “surgery” versus cosmetic “procedures”. Yes, it is possible that Jwoww has not had actual surgery to achieve this new look, but she has obviously had a ton of Botox injections and filler injected into her lips and cheeks.

Jwoww in Maxim Magazine in 2010 and again in 2011:jwoww plastic surgery face 2011

Jennifer “JWoww” Farley is only 25 years old, which I think is way too young for the exorbitant amount of plastic surgery she has already had on her face and body.

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  • avatar cc says:

    is she wearing colored contact lenses too? that’s pathetic!

  • avatar Rachel says:

    To me she totally looks like a muppet at times. Like from the Muppet show.

  • avatar Cindy says:

    I am a fan of Jwow but she kinda looks like octomom in the 2011 maxim cover photo.

  • avatar Lisa says:

    Why lie? You DON’T lose weight in the ‘face’, then suddenly have ‘HUGE Cheekbones’ filling out her entire face. My gawd, look at her before pix on first season to now. She looks like the “Joker’s daughter” and it’s sad she’s in denial..IMO.
    I enjoyed her on the show, but to insult the viewers intelligence is another thing.
    P.S. I have been blessed with high cheekbones since birth….
    you DO NOT aquire them from losing weight with the b.s story she’s feeding to the media. Lost all respect!!

  • avatar visionary says:

    Her top lip barely moved. She should just own it. She had work done on her face and it is very noticable.

  • avatar Taquito says:

    Rofl as if Wendy Williams doesn’t have hellza plastic surgery too. They’re both plastic trash.

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