Cyndi Lauper Talks About Botched Plastic Surgery


80’s pop sensation, Cyndi Lauper, has made it clear that she is a fan of using plastic surgery to try and turn back the clock. Cyndi has undergone many plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures thoughout the years and while she has achieved the desired results from some, she has called the botched tummy tuck surgery she had in 2006, “the worst thing“. According to Cyndi:

The surgeon was a diva. She left and some student sewed me up. It’s not good… I was thin for a second and then, you know, I gained back the weight again.

Cyndi Lauper before and after having tummy tuck surgery:
Cyndi Lauper Before and After tummy tuck Plastic Surgery

Apparently someone failed to mention to Cyndi that a tummy tuck is not supposed to be used as a weight loss procedure?

Cyndi Lauper has also had at least one facelift, which looks okay, but that super-tight, lifted face looks very obviously altered sitting on top of that saggy neck, which shows Cyndi’s true age.

Cyndi Lauper Before and After Plastic Surgery

In addition to the facelift and tummy tuck, Cyndi Lauper appears to also be using lip fillers to enlarge her lips, Botox and it looks like she’s had a blepharoplasty (eyelift) and a nicely done nose job.

The 58-year old singer is an 80’s icon and the 80’s were all about excess, so it doesn’t surprise us that Cyndi Lauper is taking plastic surgery to the limit. We just hope that she stays slightly more on the human-looking side when and if she decides to have more work done!

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  • avatar Lucas says:

    That’s so stupid. She was talking about a surgery that she made on her body not on her face. And this photo that you put on the post, is a make-up, who spulled her eyes. THAT’S SO STUPID… This site is ridiculous.

  • avatar Demi says:

    There is hardly a difference in the tummy tuck before and after. She should have saved herself the pain/hassle and just went on a diet!

  • avatar Lisa says:

    Nose job?

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