Sheyla Hershey Reinflates Breast Implants That Nearly Killed Her


Deranged gigantic breast “enthusiast”, Sheyla Hershey, is at it again. Sheyla’s ridiculously large breast implants had to be removed in 2010, following a life-threatening infection that set in after her 30th breast enlargement surgery. So what did Sheyla do? She lied to her family and snuck off to Mexico to have the breast implants that nearly killed her put back in.

Sheyla’s reinflated breasts:
Sheyla Hershey's Reinflated Breast Implants

Sheyla ignored the recommendation of her doctors, psychiatrists and the wishes of her husband and recently had yet another breast enlargement surgery in Cancun, Mexico. Sheyla now boasts 4,300 cc’s of saline, that has brought her back up to a 38KKK bra size. (500 cc’s will bring most women up to a C-cup, if that helps grasp just how over-inflated Sheyla is.) Sheyla plans on returning to Mexico in the new year to have her breast implants further inflated in hopes of increasing her bust size to 38MMM.

Sheyla before and after 31 breast enlargement surgeries:
Sheyla Hershey before and after plastic surgery

Sheyla has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and attempted suicide after the doctors had to remove her breast implants. But nothing will stand between Sheyla and her obsession with her gigantic boobs. Not her health, professional opinions or her husbands concern for the example she is setting for their 2-year old daughter. According to Sheyla:

“He doesn’t want me to keep on having these operations and he says that every time I go he thinks I might not come back alive. My husband worried I wouldn’t come back alive, but I just wanted to have my breasts again. Derek says he doesn’t want me to look like a porn star and tells me that I have a daughter now. He says, ‘how do you think your little girl will look at you and your breasts?’ I tell him that she loves them and that I am a good mother.”

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